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  1. Hi guys, I got a trails bike to improve my go fast riding. Well it did that very well. But I also found myself hooked on trials in a big way. Now I need a buddy to ride trials with but all my mates ride enduro or mx bikes. I have a large backyard with a bunch of trials stuff to play on, and a mx track. My dirt bike club has an event here every summer. What I want, is to set up some fun trials type stuff that my enduro and mx mates can ride. I want fun stuff that's not to dangerous like most of what I have out there. Stuff that may lead to them buying a trials bike. Stuff that would showcase slow riding skills. Got any ideas for me. Thanks guys!
  2. beta mike m

    Honda Cr500

    Yes, it does have the original clutch cover. It got a tiny pin hole back in 92 or so, I lined the water pump area with an epoxy. It has been fine ever since. It's still on the original bore also. I have put in a few piston sets over the years, but the bore has always measured in spec. Only a few items are not stock, like the tires, bars, grips, fork boots, number plate backgrounds, Boyesen reeds, chain and the front sprocket.
  3. beta mike m

    Honda Cr500

    HI, great topic. I love the Geboers bike. I have had a love affair with CR500s since I rode my first 480 back in 83. I was 14 and owned a YZ490. After the first ride I saved up till I could afford mine. I got this 1985 model used from a guy that rode it one time and went right back to his XR200. Its been the most reliable bike I have ever owned. And I have had many. So far I have been riding it 27 years now. The power delivery is pretty brutal on this year and Honda worked to make the output smoother over the years. I rode a guys 95 CR500 and it seemed like a turd compared to this one. Its easy to start but very hard to kick. Honda also improved the starting a bunch over the years. I'm a little guy and I have had guys in the pits ask me who I was gonna get to start my bike for me. But I have never had a problem getting it started. You have to kick it just right, Like your stomping on snakes. I have had guys much bigger then me fail to get it lit. But overall I just love this bike. That's why I have kept it so long. I might dual sport it now. Would be fun on the street I think.
  4. Hi, All the things said above seem spot on to me. I have been an avid dirt rider going on 37+years so far. Involved in all aspects of go fast off road. 2 years ago I bought my first trials bike, a 99 Beta Techno 250 just to improve my go fast riding. I set up a bunch of trials obstacles in my backyard to ride on. Not only is it a great deal of fun, my go fast riding has improved tremendously because of it. I have a bunch more confidence in the tight stuff and can now ride stuff that has my enduro riding friends either stuck or paddling and pushing through. And my balance, clutch and throttle control are on a entirely different level. That helped my lap times on the mx track quite a bit. And I also learned that being in good shape for mx and enduro means little on a trials bike. My first few rides taught me that there are much different muscle groups used, indicated by the soreness that ensued after each ride! After 30 minutes of riding fair sized obstacles on the trials bike I feel like I just finished full hour moto on the mx track. So I'm in better shape now because of trials too. And hooked for life! I wish I would have started much earlier.
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