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  1. M27 conical hub & spoke lacing

    Hi Jimg Measured the gap between wheel rim this morning on my unrestored M27 project. Chain side between wheel rim and swinging arm approx. 40mm Speedo side between wheel rim and swinging arm approx. 25mm Hope this helps.
  2. M27 exhaust front pipe

    Hi BorderBultaco I might of misunderstood your post as to what inmotion are having a batch of produced ,I contacted them to put my name on the list for a m27 exhaust pipe if they were producing some and was told they have no plans to produce this pipe and don't know of anybody who does manufacture them for this model. Regards Geoff
  3. Sherps Forks Early Models

    Hello All Working on a set of forks for my Model 10 project and have a couple. of questions which I hope all of you with more Bultaco knowledge than me can answer. On stripping down the forks I have found that the damper components have suffered from corrosion as can be seen in top photo, so does any body know if these valves are available ? if not looks like a job for my lathe and milling machine. Second question is how does the bottom aluminum fitting come off the damper rod is it threaded or press fit any advice before I start as I want to limit damage.
  4. Bultaco m27 San Antonio

    This post by twinshock answers a question I've had for a while regarding a mystery top yoke I have on a M10 project, originally thought it was a Sammy Miller item but it never quite matched the picture I never knew that Sandiford made them ! These are photos of my top yoke they look identical to me anybody have any ideas what other aftermarket items they made for Sherpas ?? This forum is great the way if you follow the regularly posts about one bike answers other questions keep up the good work.
  5. Bultaco Model 10

    Dear All A quick question regarding the Model 10 at what point in the production did it change from the series 1a to 1b with the flat bottomed fuel tank and what are the other differences. I know this information is probably in the parts list but I need to source a copy, been searching the web but cant find this info. look forward to your reply's cuzzy
  6. 53 Matchless Carb Set Up

    Hi Dick Got a bit carried away should have posted more details.53 G3LC 350 alloy comp motor/wader mag (just rebuilt by David Lindsey) New amal premier carb set up as follows 26 mm bore 180 main jet 107 needle jet standard needle middle slot slide no 3 cut away pilot jet 19 Regards Geoff
  7. 53 Matchless Carb Set Up

    Greetings All I have just fitted a Mk1 concentric on my 53 Matchless in place of the old worn Mono block just wondering what jetting / slide other people were using as I cant get it to run spot on , I have to flood it to start even when hot and a flat spot on acceleration. Any input welcomed Regards Geoff
  8. Ty175 Autolube Pump

    Hi all New owner of a TY here with a quick question. The bike has had its oil tank removed and all the connections to the pump removed also but the pump is still in place, in the box of spares which came with the bike is a new oil pump blank from TY spares so my question is can I just remove the pump and fit the blanking plate or are there drive mechanisms inside the engine that have to be removed prior to fitting the plate. Regards Cuzzy