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  1. Hi it's a Pursang tank off Terry's shelf and fits with no modding. Cheers
  2. Hi, Must admit I thought it was - I will see about getting it. Thanks for the input. Peter S
  3. Hi and thanks for the photos. Looking closely my footpegs and mounts are a bit different (serrated and no brake stop) so I probably did the right thing buying a more tucked in version from In Motion. Now I've trained my left foot to find it lifes a little less hazardous on downhill bits... To be honest I only use it for the 7 mile trip into our local town. Best regards Peter
  4. Must admit to being a bit chuffed
  5. M27 finished. Still of course a work in progress but engine rebuilt, forks, wheels etc rebuilt, starts and runs well. Still stuck for a proper front pipe. Put a bigger gearbox sprocket on for slightly improved road performance.
  6. Could well be bent. Its certainly got a ding plus wear where the chain rubbed the swinginging arm pivot so had a lot of use / abuse prior to 1980 when it was laid up. Still finding the odd bodge... I will take it out and check after the Cleobury Mortimer Show. Could be another winter project...
  7. Well Spelled.. Now plucking up the courage to have a go at a trial after a bit of a lay off - see photo!!
  8. Hi Woody, 71Z man and Section Swept. Many thanks for the words of wisdom. Woody - you are right both wheels have been rebuilt and re booted (Pirellis) on the original rims and hubs by Trials and Tribulations in Church Stretton so should have the correct offset. I will try lowering the pressure. 71Z Man - I like your thoughts on offsetting the wheel on the snail cams. Measuring the offset against the front wheel should also help the setup. Section Swept - Interesting point re an additional washer on the drive side. I had to put an extra washer behind the nut on the speedo side to keep the nut off the unthreaded length. I could never be described as a perfectionist so having made sure the chain run is right I will use the snail cam move and leave well alone. I live on a farm (they use the woods and stream above us on the Vic Brittain) so these days I just use the bike for a bit of fun and the odd trip to the shops on a busy Saturday. Lastly good point re. number plate. Laziness on my part, used a photo required by my insurance people... Pete
  9. Hi all, I think I have got the rear spindle in wrong but not sure how to correct it.. Initially I put it together "spindle, snail cam, swinging arm, brake plate, wheel, speedo drive, spacer, swinging arm, snail cam, washer, nut. This was fine - chain runs centrally over the tensioner and rides ok but clearance between tyre and chain is very limited. so much so that fitting the Sammy Miller Chain guard will rub the tyre. So following the book I moved the spacer from the nut side to the "tommy bar" side. Bit more clearance but chain out of alignment. Can anyone give me the right reassembly order Am I missing any bits? It seems a bit odd there is nothing between the brake backplate and the swinging arm when set so the chain run is straight Best regards Pete
  10. Hi, Did I reply? Sorry feetupfun. if I'm repeating myself. The header pipe is a heavily modded later downward pipe with the original flange cut off and a new one hammered out by hand (a trick learnt from an old hand at vintage restorations, connected to the original silencer via a custom length of flexible pipe. The tank is hand made by a guy called Terry Weedy in Portsmouth. Its really for a Pursang but is close enough to the sherpa not to worry me and at £280 actually cheaper than refurbing the original. Only problem is no balance pipe, but laying the bike on its side fixes this. Best
  11. Hi I'd e interested in the front pipe as I have had to heavily mod a clubfoot front pipe and use a length of flexi pipe to connect to the (loud) silencer
  12. The M27 started second kick after 38 years dormant. Rex Caunt Racing ignition highly recommended. Helpful guy. Bit of fettling to do yet but finally getting somewhere! Cheers https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNeADlix5rmUCVeRieJqA8ywiXHqTh98Ckni2w5YK9EnDxHDDhoBcOeiI9L_KbpEg/photo/AF1QipOZJJ-jyDSKYxUvX3fTZwcd74BCdQ8dzLrRNwR5?key=UDQycVR1TWdqS190ZUNhWmZiT2p4Vmd0eElQcFdn
  13. Thank god I have allowed a bit of time to get this one sorted. I live on a farm - part of the Vic Brittain trial is run here - so at least I can give the bike a gallop. pete
  14. Good point re the bike being early. As DVLA has a partial record I am going down the route of applying direct first as advised by the DVLA guy on the phone. If that doesn't work I suppose I will have to apply via VMCC. Cheers all
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