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  1. Has anyone fitted Falcon springs in the front forks of a TY175? I'm interested to know if they are better than the original springs. Thanks
  2. Thanks very much, that's very helpful.
  3. Yes it is dragging not grabbing. I was using the wrong terminology, thanks for correcting me on that.
  4. Hi, I'm having a problem with clutch drag on my 1981 Cota 200 and would appreciate some advice. I recently had the motor repaired (a kickstart bush collapsed and fell into the gearbox) and clutch was out of the motor for a few months while the motor was split. Since putting the motor back in the bike and getting it going again the clutch has been dragging (by drag I mean if I put it in gear with the clutch in, it will creep forward). While the clutch was out I replaced the clutch springs with new ones but they made the clutch very hard to pull in so I've put the originals back. I've had them checked for pressure and reassembled it pairing the springs to try to ensure there is even pressure. After doing this and putting the clutch back on it didn't work at all, but when I rode it around for a while it began to work. Another rider I know who has owned Montesas suggested doing this because he said it can take a while to get oil back onto the plates if they get dry. On Sunday I rode in a club trial and the clutch worked fine for a couple of laps then started grabbing again. The small brass push piece looks ok and I think I've been assembling correctly with the chamfer towards the clutch release lever. The 3 finger plate also looks ok. I'm wondering if new clutch plates might help? Or if I should take the clutch plates out and make sure they all have oil on them? Another suggestion I've had is to use ATF oil but I'm not sure if that's wise.
  5. peterh7

    1969 SSDT

    Thanks Andy, very helpful. I think the rider was Ralph Forbes. He was from Edinburgh, but was living in NZ in the late 60s.
  6. peterh7

    1969 SSDT

    An article that I've read says that a New Zealander rode in the Scottish in 1969. I'd like to find out who he was. Would anyone have the results for that year so I can try to identify him? Thanks Peter Christchurch, N.Z.
  7. peterh7

    Cota 200 Chain

    Hi, I've just bought a Renthal C272 R1 428 chain for my Cota 200 but the links are wider than my old one (1.6 mm for the new chain, 1.4 mm for the old one). I still have the plastic chain tubes. I'm wondering if I should have bought a narrower chain? Thanks
  8. Many thanks - that's very helpful.
  9. I need to replace my 1981 Cota 200 front wheel bearings. Could anyone advise me on what size bearings to buy? I have a parts book which says 0094.6003. Does that mean I need to buy 6003 bearings or is there more to it than that? Thanks
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