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  1. According to Pete there was just one Hodaka engined Dalesman built at the factory. It was a 100cc engine with a lightweight frame (also built by Jim Lee). Paul England rode it in (at least) a Wednesday evening trail at Holmfirth. The bike was sold afterwards so it's maybe still around somewhere. Pete liked the Hodaka engine but it was just too small.
  2. Thanks for the help and suggestions everyone, and don't you just love a happy ending. It's out. It is threaded (into the left side of the frame using a normal thread).I'd concluded that welding a nut on the other end to unscrew it was the best option. My welding isn't anything you'd want to be using when swinging off a big spanner so I took it round to Derrick Eddy. Dek wasn't at all keen on a Fantic crossing the threshold but the promise of some pizza did the trick. We looked at it a bit, resisted the grinder again and tried even more mole grips. Then found a big nut to weld on. Then Carl suggested Lofty's big stillsons might do the job and the biggest set of stillsons I've ever seen turned up, Dek and me held the frame and Carl did the technical bit. No heat and it worked a treat, but it was definitely a two man job, maybe even three.. No damaged threads, spindle unscrewed exactly as you'd expect and it'll go again no problems - with a nut welded to the end so next time is less bother. There's no doubt two weeks of penetrating oil had helped but honestly, the stillsons did a perfect job. I'll be heading to Machine Mart for my very own set. Cheers, Clive.
  3. Oh my dayz! See what I mean about varying information. There is definitely no hole for an allen key and never has been. Hopefully someone has some experience of the type I have. It's looking like a nut welded to the end is going to be the answer and then grind it off once it's turning - and hope the thread file sorts out the mess my Mr Blobby activities will produce
  4. Thanks for the photo. Is the collar on the right fixed to the spindle, to butt up against the frame from the inside? That'll obliviously determine which end need the persuader :-) Thinking about that again, it must be on the outside of the frame or it'll never come out. Mine has nuts both ends and no allen key holes or anything to enable twisting it.
  5. Now I'm confused. First post said it's not screwed in to the frame, second post said it is. I'm not meaning to be awkward but I really want to be as sure as I can be before I take a grinder or big hammer to it. The bike is fully stripped but the swinging arm won't come out of the frame because I can't get the spindle out. No engine, no pinch bolt, nothing except the frame, swinging arm and spindle. Thanks for the pdf link, Very useful thing to have. Cheers, Clive.
  6. Phil, Thanks for the reply. Yep, the pinch bolt is out. It looks like it's going to be a grinder job then (if I can get a thin enough disc) or a lot of faffing with a hack saw. I've seen varying answers on the threaded in question, are you 100% sure it's not threaded? Before I take an even bigger hammer to it? I could do it on a press but I can't see a bit of 80s Italian frame putting up with the pressure it's going to need. Cheers, Clive.
  7. And so... The bike is stripped and the swinging arm spindle won't come out. I have a couple of questions: It has been soaked with penetrating fluid for a couple of weeks. Is the swinging arm spindle threaded in to the left side of the frame? If it is threaded in what's the best way to grip it to screw it out? A small nut welded to the other end? A hole drilled through the middle to put a pry bar in? Something else? Any help would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Clive.
  8. Thanks for all that info esteve I've been busy with other stuff, just got back to this. I've just picked up a complete TLR200 engine so I'll do some more comparing. I now have 2 engines (a 200 and a 250) with only one stator but with the info you've put on here and the full engine I'll be able to figure what fits. I'll add photos of what I have as and when I can. Something I have noticed is that whilst there are a few stator/flywheel/cases for sale on ebay (USA) there's hardly ever a pulser coil - are they known to be problematic/prone to failure? Has anyone successfully fitted a pulser from a different bike? I have quite a few which I can tinker with but a known working solution would save a lot of faffing.
  9. Hi - and thank you for reading my desperate ramblings... I've got a TLR250, the stator is missing. The flywheel is 117mm o/d, 86mm i/d and 36mm deep. The ignition cover has 2 stator mounting holes 40mm between centres. The stator mounting 'face' has a 30mm diameter lip, approx 4mm deep. The bike had no stator when I got it so I have no idea what it should look like. I have parts lists for the 200 Reflex (partzilla) but nothing at all for the 250 or trials version of the 200. The 200 Reflex has stator coils with lighting and also has 3 mounting screws. That stator and matching engine case are available used from the USA. The questions then: 1. Does anyone have a photo of the TLR250 stator set up and measurements (just to confirm I have the 250 flywheel fitted) 2. Does anyone know if the Reflex stator will fit inside the TLR250 flywheel (and work)? 3. Do the Reflex and Trials 200 have the same, 3 mounting screw, stator and side cover? 4. Has anyone used a different pulser coil or does anyone know where they're available? I'd prefer to use the crank trigger than mess about with the camshaft version. 5. Does the Reflex used the same, big flywheel with bigger crank taper size? 6. Has anyone changed the left crank half (or full crank) to a standard SOHC Honda version (XL etc) and how was the bike afterwards? 7. Has anyone discovered any other stator that fits - chinese engines, Honda ATV etc? And on an aside - inlet stubs; is there another Honda version that'll fit the TLR head/carb? Any help at all will be very much appreciated. Cheers, Clive.
  10. I just saw you mentioned a Bantam Wassell - it's a while since I saw Tim's bike, I can't remember if it had high or low front mudguard - he's got to be worth a try though.
  11. Tim Wassell has (had) an original Bantam engined bike, chances are the mudguard is the same. Tim has an engineering firm in Burntwood (TJ Wassell) so he might be worth trying.
  12. I've got the very first of the Mk2 Dalesman trials bikes. The Mk1 frames had a long neck steering head, mine is the first of the newer frames (less prone to dropping to bits over bumps). The story is Mr Phillips, who did the wheel building, mentioned to Pete that he wanted a bike. Pete's always up for a deal and he saw the chance of swapping a bike for some wheels. All the 'prototype' bits were cobbled together and Mr Phillips set off back to West Brom with a bike and no cash, VAT free of course. Shortly after Mr Phillips passed away Tim Wassel was over at his old workshop collecting some stuff and he found the Dalesman. Tim handed over a wad of 20s, chucked it in the back of the van and called Pete when he got home. Pete went up to Tim's and bought it - maybe 18 months ago. As soon as Pete had it he found the need to sell it (anyone who knows him will know what I mean). Kath and Pete sort of adopted me way back and I see the bike as almost family so I rescued it before Pete took it to Rufforth and sold it as a field bike. When Mr Phillips had the bike it was probably ridden a handful of hours and then got parked up - the lines are still on the knobbles on the tyres. The rest of the bike didn't last so well and it looks exactly like you'd expect after sitting in a shed for 40 years. Somewhere along the way it had REH forks and hub fitted - Pete says they may have been fitted originally but he's not too sure; he was way more interested in doing a deal than in what the production line fitted to a bike. Pete keeps on at me for us to do some mods, make it better, how it should have been if he'd known then what he knows now. Move the shock mounts and footrests, fit some Rockshocks (and he's now even mentioned Duncan's new REH forks) and a few other bits. I'm not sure - do I keep it original or is it still original if Pete does the mods with me? Derrick wants to just restore it but as I paid for it and Pete made it there's a good chance Dek will be outvoted. If/when I get round to doing it I'll put some bits on here - but don't anyone be holding their breath for me, this restoration malarky needs some serious thinking and tea drinking time.
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