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  1. hello can any one give me some advice on the best spectator sections at the scott trial many thanks
  2. hi guys I have a 2015 4rt with about 15-17 hours on the engine it has developed what I would describe as a small tapping or maybe a slight rattle just on tick over when you rev the engine slightly its very sweet sounding ? any one got any ideas ? many thanks gorge
  3. throttlejokey

    4Rt Engine

    hello can any one tell me how many hours before a piston change ?
  4. can anybody tell me what forks and top/bottom clamps will fit straight into my triumph cub thanks
  5. throttlejokey

    Honda 4Rt

    hello I have a 2006 4rt with a rattle on the top end I have been told its has piston slap I have rang the dealer for a piston £144+gaskets does any one know where I can get a cheaper one or will a crf250 piston fit? thanks
  6. throttlejokey


    hello I have a triumph tiger cub and just wondering about upgrading my forks ! does any one have any ideas what will fit and take my front wheel with no much hassle ???
  7. everyone seems to have good things to say about them one gentlemen has done four Scottish six days without any trouble other makes and models wouldn't be able to manage that .for what I do easy course/pay and play think they will be ideal for me .I just wanted to no if there was any problems etc to avoid buying a bad bike many thanks
  8. montesa seem very good quality compared to everything else
  9. so they don't have any gearbox trouble ? or any stator problems ? would you avoid a 4rt that has done the scott trial or the Scottish 6 days ?
  10. no engine issues or anything?how long between engine rebuilds etc?
  11. how reliable are montesa 4rt? is there any common faults. anything to look out for etc ?
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