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  1. Hi all, I have changed my front tire out (after much learning, trials, and tribulation [see what I did there?]), only to find that my front wheel is offset. Its not crooked, so to speak... its just not centered and I cannot figure out why it would be like this. It is sitting to the left-side of the bike. It doesn't wobble when it turns, its just not centered between the forks. Everything is fitting back together the way it should to my knowledge... I made sure to key up the speedometer and the drum will even bolt in as it should... anyone seen this before or have any idea what I may have done wrong? I have attached a pic of each side so you can see how close the tire is in the fender to the left side and how far it is from the right side. I'm at a bit of a loss with this one! Thanks! Brandon
  2. Well, I called Bob today to order an air filter and some air filter oil... ended up buying some new fork springs and will probably be out there for the school/ride, too. Haha! I am a complete noob, though, so I'm expecting some of it to be a bit embarrassing, but that's ok... it should also be a blast. I'm having some issues with my front wheel, but I'll put that in a more appropriate forum. Hope to meet you there, rxmx! Brandon
  3. Awesome. I'm a noob at all things dirt bike, really. I've ridden a lot of hours on the same 1.5 mile loop at my grandfather's house, but that's about it so far. I'm certainly looking to change that, but I'm also still debating on whether I want to get into trials or not. My ultimate goal is to ride in the national forrest and camp, but I'm certainly open to trying trials. May have to do one of these courses at Bob's! Especially with how close they are. Sounds like a lot of people would give their left leg to be as close as I am. Haha! rxmx, perhaps we can meet up there one day. I would be afraid my riding would bore you, though. Brandon
  4. Man, you guys are killing me! I've got my bike running well now and have been riding it. Is there just general trail riding out there? Is there an entry fee or anything? I would like to take a trip out there, maybe next weekend to get some parts and maybe ride a little bit. I also need to try to get some help with my clutch... having some issues with it or maybe my transmission... not sure which yet. Brandon
  5. Awesome! That is really neat! I've personally not seen one with a sidecar before. Thanks for sharing. Brandon
  6. Ok, awesome. Thanks! I'm beginning to get a list together of things to purchase. I'm going to try to get as much as I can from B&J Racing since they're local to me. The rest I'll order from Fred & Deb. Brandon
  7. Ok, thanks! Do you remember where you purchased those from? BTW, got it running today. Woohoo! Still have a few things to do and I'd like to COMPLETELY clean the carb (with a parts cleaner), but I'm excited to have it running again at this point. Brandon
  8. Thanks, rxmx. I've been in touch with him through email a bit. I'm trying to get a beter idea of what I need for my bike so I can send him a somewhat complete list of needed items. I'm trying to not send 15 emails with 1 or 2 items in each as, personally, that would annoy me a bit. Haha! I may just end up giving him a call once I do get that list together though. Thanks for the tip! Brandon
  9. Thanks, jc2. I know BJ Racing sells a replacement Mikuni, but I'd like to try to keep my current carb running if I can, not to mention its fairly expensive (but does come with a new throttle and pre-jetted). Have you ever used a rebuild kit on yours? Or at least replaced the bowl gasket? Brandon
  10. Awesome! Glad to know there's another enthusiast close-by. I'm in Cane Ridge. Good to know! Thanks, guys. I'll have to check them out. Brandon
  11. Hi all, Just curious if anyone knew what the carb on the KT250s was. I believe from the bit of Googling that I've done, its a VM26. Is that correct? I keep debating on whether I want to buy a new one or not. B&J sell one that's prejetted and includes a new throttle, but its a little bit expensive at $190. Having said that, I would be able to gain from their expertise and would be getting more than just a carb and throttle. At the same time, mine should run well once I get it cleaned, but I'd like to have a backup just in case. This thing is 40 years old... haha! I'm also thinking I'm going to need to order at least a new bowl gasket for my existing carb, which was my original intention for finding the model. Anyway, thanks! Brandon
  12. Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting it running just for fun, but I am interested in doing some trials stuff. I think it may be up my alley, but we'll see. What is TTC? I have been in touch with them already. I found them about 3 or 4 years ago when I first started to look into buying a house (as that is what I had to do before I could bring my bike to be with me... couldn't store it living in an apartment) and was extremely excited to have a local source for parts and knowledge, not to mention an area to ride it appears. I am very fortunate to be so near to them! Thanks! I plan on it! I've put a lot of hours on this thing already as a young teenager, but I'm anxious to put a lot more. Brandon
  13. Hi all! I am debating on whether I will start riding trials or not, but I do have a 1974 KT250 that I'm wanting to get back into tip-top riding condition, whether I compete or not. This thing has been family owned since new. My great-uncle bought it in 1974 and sold it to my grandfather (his brother) in 1999, who brought it back to life for me. I am not a mechanic, but I'm excited to start on this fairly simple motor. My goal is to have this in excellent riding condition. Right now I've got to clean the carb and gas tank. Oh, and change the oils. That should get it running, but then the fun starts. I will probably rebuild the top end (not sure if its ever been done), rebuild the fork, maybe replace the rear shocks with some that can be rebuilt, etc. Not sure what all I'll do just yet as I'm not sure what all it will need, but I'm looking forward to both working on it and riding it. Anyway, I found this forum and wanted to jump in here since there is probably the largest concentrated group of people who would A) know much about my bike and also share my enthusiasm for it. Hope everyone has a great New Year! Brandon
  14. HI Pungo, I am really excited to see your restoration! I am also starting to work on my KT250, which has been in my family its entire existence. My great-uncle bought it new in 74 and my grandfather bought it from him for me around 1999 or so. I've not ridden it or had it running since about 2004, but I'm hoping to clean the carb and gas tank and replace the fluids in it to get it going again very soon and also do some more work on it before spring (rebuild the forks, maybe rebuild the top end or at least take a look at the rings, etc.). Here's a pic: Anyway, I just wanted to mention that BJ Racing has a few trials parts you might find useful, including the rear sprocket spacer mentioned earlier: http://www.bjracing.com/kt250.html For the record, I am in no way associated with them. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the shipping from NZ for your parts? I'm suspecting I may have to order some parts from them, too. Thanks, Brandon
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