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  1. Soak entire carb in Chem-Tech gallon bucket of carb cleaner overnight
  2. Gas Gas owns Ossa. KTM buying Gas Gas would hopefully keep Ossa alive. Bonus for those of us that restore and ride Ossa. Makes total sense as it would bring Trials bikes to KTM. Rumors I have heard is that employees are not so happy about the purchase if KTM re-brands GG bikes as KTM vs letting the Brands continue. Given KTMs resources I think it would be a good thing as long as it is to keep bikes and products available vs shelving the purchased companies products, i.e. buying market share just to kill it. If it happens could be mean the end to any bikes that directly compete with KTM bikes, but I doubt they really consider them competition anyway, should just be a product line expansion. I for one would vote yes on the purchase/merger, can only help two struggling companies.
  3. Very nice, very clean. I am trying NOT to do what I have done in the past, making them too nice to want to ride.
  4. Hi All, Sorry been away for a while. The project continues, my motor has been rebuilt and is back in my hands now. Summary of work as follows - Repaired stripped oil drain plug ( the reason to crack the cases, could not be removed from outside) - Replaced main bearings, full of gritty oily gunk, perhaps road with no air cleaner or leaking intake, amazing that crank bearings were fine. - All new seals, main bearing, counter shaft, kicker, shifter, counter shaft sprocket oring. - Switched to 13t counter shaft sprocket - Decided against new rings as bore looks mint, still has cross hatching, and ring are already broken in for that bore, new rings would need break-in period, 500+ miles, LOTs of trials riding before going to an event. - Replaced all case screws with hex head stainless crews, $18 kit from Z1 Enterprises / DrBolts.com - New clutch plates and springs - New head and Cly hardware - New piston pin, small end bearing, clips - All new gaskets, head, base, clutch, mag, intake, exhaust, oil pump, - Found place to get replacement mag wire grommet Now I can move forward with getting motor back into the frame with exhaust pipe hanging in the frame first, really tough getting out during dis assembly. Frame is back from the powder coater. Going to not worry about taking off powder coat on engine mounts to ensure the frame is good electrical ground for electrical system. Instead going to add an additional wire to the mag harness and tie directly the coil/CDI frame grounds directly the the motor via the cable guide screws. Currently I am building another motor from the parts bike I purchased and another motor that came with the first KT I purchased. Build one good one from two others. Plan is to make a second rider bike, not as nice as my partial resto bike. I have enough extra parts to make another running bike. Its more $s into another motor but its also a backup spare for my main bike. I have had some parts issues but eventually was able to get what I needed so far. Thanks to Fred from NZ for parts and valuable information for newbee to KT world, UK Trials Shop, ebay, folks here and others. Its been fun so far and will continue as I work on reassembly now. I still have more pics to add to my project folders but here is the links. I have exceeded the max photos per album so had to go to a part 1 and part 2 photo albums. Also have included a link to the parts bike and my ongoing collection of KTs for reference. The project continues...more to come. https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250 https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/KT250Part2 https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250PartBikeProject https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/KT250Others I also scanned may 75 A1 shop manual, have the A2 one also if needed. Have been learning more and more the diff between A1 and A2, not just the diff in tank paint. https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250A1ShopManual Cheers Tim
  5. Update, ran into another issue, stripped engine oil drain plug, Argh, why people strip these and dont use a washer!! Not like the bolts holds anything. Plug will not back out no matter what, so inside the motor we go. Buddy of mine Dan Killian is a engine so he got into it over the holiday, will I hunt up parts, gaskets, seals etc. Seem left side crank seal is the hard one to get, hopefully finally I have a set coming from the UK now. Main crank bearing are all junked up with grime and grit, odd, bore, piston and rings, crank all look real good. Could be either no air filter or cracked intake carb rubber I found was the source. So new mains going in. Waiting on parts to put it back together. Had hoped to not have to do motor work on this bike but not so. Get powder coated frame back today so will start cleaning parts and putting back together.
  6. Thanks, thats what I will go with when I make the switch to 520. Think I will leave it as is for winter as I think I am going to join a bunch of other folks for some lake ice racing. Purchased the bike with knobbie tires that I will swap out for trials tire, but first will stud p the knobbies and hit the ice for some winter fun. Ordered a bunch of parts from Fred today, frame is at powder coater, get it back on Fri and then reassembly begins. Discovered bent and near stripped shifter shaft, so going to need to replace that first, chance take a peek as the clutch plates.
  7. Stock front is 13,14,15 stock rear is 52. Will also measure carb studs and look at those flanges Finished breakdown today. Only other broken part I found today was the brake spring. The was another rigged up to the brake switch holder, that works but will try to repair or acquire correct spring Thanks all.
  8. Ha, so there is a secret method to get the bike off, I tried for a while to find a special angle twist, turn etc, guess experience tells all. One of the reasons I take a zillion pics on tear down is so I have a sequence I can reverse when put it all back together, often many months later. At my age the memory is not so good any more. Doing several bikes at the same time does not help LOL. Trying to find one of those carb connectors, asked Fed but have not heard back yet. No stock on any of the parts websites here. yeah most of my other bikes do not have rubber inserts in swing arm, can see how some would not like it, must be some side give if riding hard, but for this type of bike may be fine. I will see what happens after it goes through the oven. Never put those type in so not sure if a press is needed or not. A reproduction tail light would be fine with me, not going for museum level resto, just as original looking as possible. If you happen to hear from him again I would appreciate a lead, I will continue to search as well. Looking through all the past KT posting on this site, since its the new home for most all KT talk. Good to know on the 3 Pos clutch lever, thanks, will replace the cable if find its not smooth when its all back together. I have what I think is the original bars so will keep with that. See some use bars with cross bar, like MX bikes, but think I would prefer the open area to avoid collision with face etc. Pegs on this bike seem odd, no real grip points for the boots. See there are other weld on pegs available. Really dont want to do that. If they are really slippery I may just MIG weld on some bigger nubs. Some say the are too close to the frame and offer extension. Since I am a newbee to the sport I would not realize a good vs bad setup until someone told me directly. What I mean by "beaters, learning and dumping a lot" was, I do have front and rear fenders already, the rear is cracked and the front have been drilled several times. I will order from Fred the original style reproductions for the proper look but may use what I have already for a while. Like I said I am new to the sport, have ridden bikes since 70s, but never trials. Will be attending a beginners school for a day this spring, put on by our local twin shock air cooled trials group. http://newyorkaircooledtrials.com/%C2'> I have been going to their events for several years and they have all classes of air cooled bike as well as all ages of riders. Thanks again for all the info, very helpful without doubt. Couple new items Do most run the stock gearing, front and rear sprockets? I suspect I will do the flat rear sprocket with adapter to get away from the dish sprocket. This will deviate from stock but since I intend to ride this a bunch ability to change out rear flat sprockets is a must. What about chain size? Stock or the 520 conversion? Any issue with clearance once going to 520? Read last eve that long thread on electrical problems on one guys bike, turned out to be leaking spark plug wire onto exhaust pipe, crazy. I may add a voltage regulator, we do the same on the old Hodaka bikes, or maybe just run the 12V bulbs like you said you do. Lastly are there any other Kawi bikes that cross over basic parts, such as carb/intake, hardware etc. I have seen one ebay auction that ref all these bikes but think thats just on wheels and spokes. Do you know of a cross over chart for all common parts on kawi models by part number. I have done some searching but could not find anything published. Wonder if there was a dealer master parts list that showed all P/N vs models. Cross Over 1977 KD125 KT125 KD175 KT250 1975 KD125 OPTIONAL PARTS 1975 KT250-A METER-HEADLIGHT-TAILLIGHT 1976 KD125-A2 OPTIONAL PARTS 1976 KD175-A1 OPTIONAL PARTS 1976 KT250-A2 Trial METER-HEADLIGHT-TAILLIGHT 1977 KD125-A3 OPTIONAL PARTS 1977 KD175-A2 OPTIONAL PARTS 1978 KD125-A4 OPTIONAL PARTS 1978 KD175-A3 OPTIONAL PARTS 1979 KD125-A5 OPTIONAL PARTS 1979 KD175-A4 OPTIONAL PARTS Backt to tear down. Hopefully off to sand baster today or tomorrow.
  9. My Ossa Explorer is the same, small holes with ball valve inside, also help to avoid excess pressure build up if very hot. My new to me KT has air stem values in the caps. Just like with did ourselves back in the 70s. Just drill and tap in standard bike valve and then whoohoo we had air shocks!! Couple PSI can help some.
  10. Cool Pics!! Starting the youngster early I see. Thanks for the pointer to Fed. Working on a mega order that may require a second mortgage on my house to cover shipping cost to USA, LOL. But I do want to put back on original fenders, will use my beaters while learning and dumping a lot, but eventually would like to put her back mostly stock. Will get air filter element, carb boot, fender brackets, seat pan, fork seals, dust covers etc etc. Usually when go through a bike I replace as much rubber parts as possible, all bearings, switch steering to tapered bearing and do swing arm bushings. I see on the KT the swing are pushing are rubber collared, those can be a real pain to get out. They seem really tight but hard to know unless really riding. Have you and any issues with them wearing out? On my Ossa and Hodaka there are grease fittings in the swing arm to keep them lubed up good. I also replace them due to powder coating the frame and the rubber does not always hold up to the 450 degree oven. Other bikes I have worked on dont have the rubber in the swing arm, except small bikes, usually nylon, delrin, or metal bushings. Not sure I want to try and replace these unless the come out of the oven cooked. Got most of the rest of the bike torn down today, getting ready for frame sandblast then to powder coater in next few days. Thought I was going to have to pull the head to get the pipe off, then saw with motor bolts all removed it JUST comes off. Will have to remember to put that in the frame before I put the motor back in. On my Ossa Explorer the head and jug have to come off to put the motor back in the frame, they all seem to be different. Other than the rear axle everything came apart smoothly. I suspect I should look at some other rear shocks if I am really going to seriously ride this bike, original I suspect are beat and may be leaking. Can they be rebuilt? Think I will have to make a seat from Freds fiberglass pan, a cover off of ebay and get a seat maker to shape the foam thats needed. That is unless I can find one for under $200. I purchase a bunch of parts off of ebay today, carb gasket and insolator, still need the piece that connects to the carb, one on the bike has tons of black silicon on it so expect it leaks. Started trying to find tail light parts, got the fender rubber gasket, now to find the innards and lens. Inside of the gas tank has some rust, so will clean and treat that. Looks like I have a 76 tank as a spare, different paint job, has some small dents so may use that for riding, going to keep the original as is for now, along with side covers, only original paint once as they say. Rest of the bike looks pretty complete to the parts catalog, will refresh any damaged hardware. High Low beam switch is broken off, seems to be common from pics I have seen of other bikes. Kill switch may be bad also as prior owner said he had to disconnect it to get spark, may be able to fix that though. Are there any common upgrades folks do to improve the bike. I see several sites selling different adjustable levers. Think will add the compression release like I have on my Ossa, useful for starting sometimes and breaking. Glad there is not many chrome parts on this bike, thats always a problem, cost prohibitive these days to get things rechromed, generally just have to rough up and powercoat some color. Thanks again for all the help, advise and contacts. Going to be a fun project and cool bike when done.
  11. HI Fantastic to see a fellow KTer!! Thanks for the info. Not sure what the seat history on this bike is other than person wanted a seat more for trail riding so adapted the original seat bracket to a cut down seat from another bike. There is guy on ebay that sells KT seat covers, I asked him how many he sells, to get a feel how many KTs may be out there. He says he sells about 10/yr about 80% in North America else over seas. Parts that I have seen thus far that are different than the parts diagrams. P/N 92072-036 Band, Fuel Tank Parts diagram show this as a double ended rubber strap, like it would connect to two tabs on the frame. The one I have is a rubber square loop with at pull tab on the top, it hook to a single tab on the main frame down tube on the frame. I will take a pic of this part. PN 11010-092 Air Cleaner Assy My air box has 3 bolts holding the outer cover on, with one bolt that is cut short and could be stripped. Parts image shows two bolts. Here is the link to my project pic album, all updates go here https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250# Here are the air box bolts bolts https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092533586578041666 https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092533623296004290 https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092533830570058162 https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092534751257137698 https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092534003834118482 I also see from the Part Diagram for the frame, it shows the rear shock mount area has the shock mount stud, bolt hole for the seat AND another hole further back, but that other hole and metal gusset is not on my frame. I thought perhaps I do not have a KT250 frame, perhaps some other frame. My Frame number is KT2-03028, does that look like a KT250 Frame? I know the 1976 KT250 has some differences, my parts manual has those differences show and I have check those diagrams for each diff I see. I do have what looks like the original carb, yes the boot has harden and would like to replace. Current one is pretty messed up. https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092534139380473570 Thanks for the lead on a new one, I will replace it. I see some reproduction KT parts also available from http://www.bjracing.com/kt250.html The dished rear sprocket is the same issue on the Ossa MAR/Explorer. Same solution, spacer and flat sprocket. I see there is a 520 chain and sprocket conversion, is that a common conversion. I would like to put new chain and sprockets on this bike as the rear sprocket is shot. https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092534240963835538 https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092534263751508306 What do you run as an air clean element? I dont see a UNI filter available. Is what I have stock, does not seem so to me and does not look like it would be sealed well. https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092533623296004290 https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092533665636230722 https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092533689371929954 https://picasaweb.google.com/82indypc/1975KT250#6092533704425830530 (Update, I see the UniFlow filter available from UK trials source, odd its not available in the USA) Finally, seems this site use to be a KT fan site but not sure anyone goes there anymore, cannot see how to post a message there. Do you know if its still active. I downloaded several manuals from there but in the end I bought my own Parts Manual from ebay, the downloaded PDF images were not very clear, so I bought and scanned my own. The parts fiche is my bible on any of my restoration project, although sometimes have errors. http://kawasakikt.tripod.com/index-4.html (Update, see the Fred site is off of this website) Thanks again for any advise or help. Its extremely helpful to come up to speed quickly on a new make/model for me. I am mostly an Hodaka/Ossa guy, although I do have several KDX bikes, Red model. Cheers Tim
  12. Hi All Newbee here looking some advice for a KT250 resto project I just started. Going to try my hand at riding trials next spring and preping a bike to learn on. I would like to do a complete resto, as best as possible within reason, since I do want to ride the bike. It looks pretty complete but have already seen parts that dont match the Parts Manual I bought. Are there any KT250 folks here? Current parts I know I need to source are - Seat - Carb,air box boot - Sprockets and Chain Would ike to add a compression release, since head is drilled for it already, anyone do this? Direct email, if desired is 82indypc@gmail.com Cheers Tim
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