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  1. My M190(1976) has one too!!
  2. Hi Bullylover, my M190 headstock data plate is showing 1976!!!!! F
  3. fmc

    M190 Seized Clutch Rod

    Hi Larry, did manage to get the pushrods out, it was stuck with solidified grease I think, giving it a tap with a mallet it just wouldn't move it felt and sounded as tho it was hitting something(not realising it was inside the output shaft) but managed to start twisting it with a pair of mole grips at the chain sprocket side. The last time I was out on it the clutch was dragging a wee bit, so probably by the time I left it( can't remember how long) to try and adjust it, the rod has gone and seized. I,ll check out the lever shaft ball before ordering other bits Thanks for all the input guys. Fred
  4. fmc

    M190 Seized Clutch Rod

    Hi pschrauber, ball bearing was still in the middle of the rod and mushroom, just really mucky looking, hardened dirt on it, Didn't realise there is a ball bearing at the bottom of the actuating lever, thought it was just a flat ground on the shaft!! Will need to look closer at the exploded drawings!! Return Spring is in place, understand your comments regarding it rubbing away if the spring doesn't keep the pressure off of it. IBhbul, Once again I haven't looked close enough at the exploded drawings!! Looks as tho it's grease just gunked up over the years and finally stopped the shaft from moving freely. Cheers the noo, people.
  5. Hi Troops, After much head scratching wondering why my clutch wasnt adjusting at all, it turns out the clutch rod was seized. Have managed to pull it out,obviously going to need a new one, i'll do the mushroom and ball bearing at the same time. Do the cranckcases close to leave a channel for the rod,so to be able to give a squirt of something to clean it out?? Anything else to go with?overlooked?? Ta in advance. F
  6. Really like the polished cases Bondy F
  7. Ha!!!!! Never thoght of that Bondy! Will certainly have a look at that. Moocho F
  8. Hi Bullylover, that's exactly what i'm about to do unless someone pops up with a better option!!
  9. Hi Troops, looks and feels like mine hasn't been off for a while, whats the best/easiest method for freeing it up before i go ape**** with summin silly!!!! Cheers, F
  10. Just got this e-flyer thru and thought it might be of interest. http://www.rutlands.co.uk/sp+t9-boeshield-340g+DK7130 Bit pricey, but if it works!!!!!!!
  11. Cheers for that people, i'll leave well alone then.
  12. Hi troops, Recently bought a kwacker kt and have just got round to looking at it. It's been well looked after with a recent engine rebuild and frame powder coat, but one of the front fork caps has a hole in it which obviously lets air out! It's a clean hole I.e. It's been drilled and has a hole in the inside of the cap, I,m not up to speed on suspension , but this surely can't be for any reason, or am I missing something I can't see the wood for the trees! The other cap is fine!
  13. fmc

    M190 Gearshift / Shaft

    Hi again all, Finally had a minute to pull off the clutch casing, and hey presto a snapped return spring. What,s involved in taking off the shaft( will be getting myself a manual) Have been through quite a few previous posts and a lot mention the 3 screws holding on the selector axle shaft, does this just pull out as a mechanism once the 3 screws are taken out? Do I need to take off the clutch basket to get at the screw at 2 o,clock? One worrying thing was not a lot of oil came out the drain plug, not at where th bike is at the mo so don't know exact amount was but still have it!! Finally what,s the best manual to get? The copied one in motion have or one of the Haynes ones which there seems to be plenty of on fleabay!! But only covers Sherpas up to 1975. Cheers in advance, Fred.
  14. fmc

    M190 Gearshift / Shaft

    Have an exploded drawing for a M159, assume the 190 will be roughly the same componenents?? F
  15. fmc

    M190 Gearshift / Shaft

    Hi Woody, Haven't gave it a dunt or anything, just stopped shifting up properly when i was out and about on it. F
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