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  1. A friend of mine helped me with my clutch concerns and we tried different oils, amount of fluid, and then he removed 2 clutch springs so instead of the 6 spring set up I am running 4 springs and my clutch is smooth as butter. Belray gear saver oil and factory specs for fluid amount.
  2. That looks so awesome. I would have to ride a flat no turn area with river pebbles for obstacles. Hey I did climb a 4 inch ledge and did not fall. figured out the throttle makes me want to hit wife's car. LOL
  3. Just got my first trials bike today. It is a 2000 montesa that is a little rough but I will try to find fixes on this site. If you live near OKC, OK let me know and I would like to learn. I am 46 and tried to ride today in back yard and of course my wife was laughing and said I should have bought a tricycle. Help me out if you would like a new riding buddy.
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