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    Fantic Forks

    Hi, No just baffled really.
  2. czrider

    Fantic Forks

    Hi, No just baffled really.
  3. czrider

    Fantic Forks

    Hi there, having exactly the same problem with my Fantic 240! Had to put 300 forks in it due to the guy I loaned it to once, trashing the original forks in a massive crash. It was my fault apparently for loaning him a substandard machine! Oil leaking from the pressure relief caps but really nice smooth,progressive action.
  4. Hi All, A friend of mine owns a 1958 tiger cub converted for Trials and my question is how important is it that the wheels are central to the frame and wheels in line as to centre? There is very little clearance for the chain as regards the rear tyre. He is a little obsessed to get the wheels central and in line and has started to cut and weld (bodge)the frame. I think he is slowly destroying the bike. The swingarm has been widened a long time ago and the engine was over in the frame as far as it would practically go but the wheel rim was off centre so as to clear the chain. I suspect they mostly all suffer this problem.Is there A way to get this right without cutting and shutting the front frame loop? Any info appreciated.I suppose all the new replacement frames for Cubs and Bantams are symmetrical? Thanks.
  5. Hi there,l was wondering if anyone could help me with the optimum port timing in degrees for the Villiers 32a motor for trials, both opening and closing of ports.I am looking also at exhaust header length, is there a formula that may apply? I notice quite long headers in various vids. Thanks.
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