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  1. Here is my new ride, 2016 Jotagas 300, loving every minute
  2. dave65


    My new ride
  3. Hey guys, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on a running problem i'm having, the bike is a 1983 TLR200. I have recently did an engine top end minor rebuild on her, she's all back up and running, well sort of running............. What's happening is she starts and runs for say 20 seconds then shuts off, ive checked the timing marks and they look all good, I did the valve adjustments to spec, what I did do a while back is change the float level as the carb kept emptying itself when the fuel top was open. Does anyone know if this sounds like an electrical or fuel problem?? Thanks for any and all help Cheers Dave
  4. A couple of weeks down and she is starting to take shape again!!!!
  5. Hey mate, Tnx for the help pointing that out, I've re-routed the breathers, they are now all cleared away. CDI in the airbox, now that's a novel place to store it...
  6. Hi everyone, Looking for a little bit of help, I have been re-building a 1983 TLR200, it has a T joint crankcase breather hose, i am unsure where these connect to as I cannot see any connectors for these to hook into. Slow process but getting on top of it, tnx in advance for any and all help. Cheers Dave
  7. Hamilton as you say just a stones throw away, will get in touch with Jim and say hi and take it from there, keen to get some riding done. I've got a fair bit of work to do, someone fitted what looks like an XR250 or similar MX front end so i'm on the hunt for a replacement, the engine runs smooth so one good thing. My seat/side cover has just arrived so i'm well pleased about that, going to keep her true to the red, white and blue colour scheme. Frame is getting powder coated red, swing arm silver, she's going to be a nice bike once done i HOPE!!!!!!! Thanks for the contacts
  8. Hi Guys, thanks for the replies, love the video hi bahahahaha I'm also in Auckland, living in Torbay, very keen to join in and ride some classic rides, which club are you part of?? So here is my old girl, she arrived yesterday and now its time for her to get some attention and love. Stripped her down, frame has gone to powder coaters A few pics of how the tank looks, shes a bit bashed around Stripped down, ready to get some filler and then are-paint
  9. Hey one and all, Just wanted to say hi to you guys, I've just bought an olden but golden 1983 Honda TLR200D, the old girl has just arrived today and she's in need of some care but bless her she runs and is still full of life. Been a good few years since I've rode trials, I dabbled a bit back in the UK many years ago and loved the trials scene, not just the riding but everything that goes with it, so time to get back out there. I will post some pics of how she is now and how I get on with restoring and riding her, any advice etc is greatly appreciated. Cheers Dave
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