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  1. I've sussed it out now, turns out I was doing it wrong.
  2. It was fine before I took it apart, I'll post photos when I'm back from work
  3. The tensioners are approx 100 degrees out to each other, I think the wheel spacers maybe throwing it out some how. I'm going to investigate. I use a lazer level for work so I bet that would work to make sure the chain is running straight ?
  4. The spacers went back In as they came out
  5. Hi all, I just refitted my rear wheel and set my cam tensioners to the same markings each side. The wheel doesn't look like its in the center of the swing arm how would I check that? One of the snail cams does look a little battered but wouldn't have thought it would throw it out that much? Any advice ? Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the help lads, pads are low and the disc is defiantly bent. I've got it 90% straight and it barely catches now so I'm happy
  7. Right the pads are out and the disc is like a dogs back leg How do I go about straightening it? Fronts a little bent too, but the wheel spins quite freely
  8. Hi everyone, I've got a problem with my rear brake. Problem is it's catching quite badly, seems to work fine but doesn't have much locking power. I'm unsure if the disc is bent or the wheel is out of true? I wouldn't have thought the caliper was seized due to the fact the brake actually works. Would it be more likely the wheel or disc at fault? Can you true trial wheels like a push bike wheel? Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for your help. The head stock bearings turned out to be loose and just needed tightening up. The rear break is catching quite badly, any ideas as to why it would be doing that? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello, where to start. I've just purchased a Beta evo 300 4T. What kind of tyre pressures should I be running front and rear? I've been told you don't soak and rinse the air filter in filter oil you just give it a light spray, is this right? How much play shoud there be in the head stock? I Want to do an oil and filter change, I'm told these have 3 filters to change? Any recommendations on oil? Finally, roughly how long should it take for the rad fan to kick in? Thanks in advance
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