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  1. Thanks for your advice guys. It's much appreciated. I can see both points of view. I have no problem spannering, I've always done my own maintenance, and in some ways an older bike makes sense to me as I'm likely to be less precious about it getting dirty and dented. On the flip side I do like things to be up to date, shiny and new, and to know it's not had a long and hard life prior to my ownership. Either way I'm really looking forward to finding a bike, putting some time in getting comfortable on it and then setting myself some new challenges and learning some new skills. Cheers Adam
  2. Sorry, I don't want to high jack the thread, but I'm struggling to make my mind up too. You say anything post 2004 will do...... Did something change specifically around that year that makes a difference?
  3. Is that because you have one for sale???
  4. Ourian Thanks for the advice. I'd not noticed that the Beta kickstart is on the left. Not sure I could live with that, I'd be forever going for the wrong side. Sherco seem a pretty safe choice. Would I notice a big difference riding a 2007 in comparison to a newer bike? To start with it's going to be about the fun, but I'm keen to progress and have a go at a few trials at our local club fairly soon.
  5. Hi to all So, I've decided to give trials ago. It's something I've been toying with for sometime and as a friend has recently bought a bike my minds made up! I've been riding bikes on and off since I was about 8. Trial, Enduro, motocross and a little bit on the road. Also been into quads, karts, jet skis, basically anything with an engine. So, I need to make a purchase and get myself a bike......... my dilemma now is what bike to buy. Do I start off with something cheap and older, or am I going to notice the benefit as a trials novice if I go for something newer. I've been having a look around and have found a few quite varied bikes that have caught my eye. 2004 Sherco 290 2007 Sherco 250 2011 Beta 250 2014 Jotagas 250 I've riden my friends 2012 Sherco 290, which felt good, but then I've nothing to compare it to. I don't necessarily think I need anything as big as a 290, but then whatever I opt for, it's only going to go as much as I twist the throttle. If a buy a 2004 bike is it going to feel out dated and put me at a disadvantage? I'm sure it would probably be more capable than I am and maybe a good starting point? I'm thinking if it's a little more cheap and cheerful I might be a little less concerned about the more frequent knocks and bangs it's going to take while I'm getting to grips with the new discipline. But then I am drawn to the newer bikes. I do like my toys to be very clean, tidy and well maintained. Also a later bike will obviously be further developed, probably lighter, more reliable, easier to ride etc and so give me the best start. I do really like the design of the Jotagas and like to go for something a little different from the norm, but I don't want one if I'm not going to be able to get parts for it when I need them, or have trouble selling it when I decide to upgrade. I know bike choice is quite a subjective topic, but any advice or guidance you can offer would be really appreciated. Cheers
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