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  1. Alpina 212 - Turn it into a trials bike?

    Here's a snap of my model 85 Alpina , it found it's way to the UK from USA about four years ago and with a lot of help from a cast of thousands now looks like this in it's original high front fender US marker format
  2. Bultaco Alpina 85 ( 1972) exhaust routing

    Hi Bult360, thanks for your advice, yes, I see what you mean having looked at some images on the web. Being a newbie and lacking engineering skills to boot, I now need to find someone who I can pay to help me heat and rework the bends of the pipe to get it to run closer to the fins of the cylinder head. I live on the South Coast of the UK between Brigthon and Portsmouth, if anyone can recommend anyone, it'd be very much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Bultaco Alpina 85 ( 1972) exhaust routing

    Thanks to both PSCHAUBER and FEETUPFUN for your helpful suggestions, I will have a go and let you know how I get on, I will also post a photo.
  4. Hi A year after joining this forum and making my first post, I have my Alpina ready to go to the MOT station next week and then start the process of convincing DVLA to give me an original year number plate. I have been helped with the project and have one question please? The front chrome exhaust pipe which exits the engine and curls round under the fuel tank comes very, very close to the underside of the fuel tank, within a couple of millimetres, I have some heat reflective tape on the underside of the fuel tank but am concerned about the routing which looks like there is a risk of heat transfer to the fuel tank which cannot be a good thing, any thoughts on how much clearance there should be? The pictures I have looked at on the internet suggest there should be a gap of about 25 mm, any thoughts welcome? Regards Jeremy
  5. Dear Spen and Totalshell Thanks to you both for your helpful and speedy responses, it is appreciated. Regards Jeremy
  6. Hi, I have a 1972 Bultaco Alpina 250 nearing completion of restoration. It was imported to the UK from the USA about 4 years ago ( it's original export destination from Spain). I have matching engine and frame numbers. I will shortly be going through the process of getting it road registered and i understand if I can show to DVLA evidence of the original age corroborated by the manufacturer or an established owners club, i can get it registered with a 1972 number plate. Can anyone please help point me in the right direction of finding a source that can help ? thanks
  7. Twin Spark And Swapping Over To Cdi Ignition

    Thanks Graham, that's really helpful. much appreciated, rgrds Jeremy
  8. Hi I have a 250 cc Alpina frame/engine B - 8503578 I understand it was an export to the USA, but is now in the UK, I am finishing off another's part completed restoration project. It has the twin spark plugs Currently wired with regular points and single HT lead/spark plug cap. I'm looking at swapping over to CDI ignition, firstly any comments recommendations on suppliers? I'm presuming that if I do swap over, I can use a single spark plug kit, however, I see some suppliers have the kits for twin spark set ups, is this something I could run on my Alpina or would it be a lot of extra faffing for little extra benefit? Any thoughts welcome, thanks. Regards Jeremy
  9. Tyre Choice ? Alpina Type 85 - 1972

    Thank you both for your comments, the MT43's make sense but I think I'll go with some Maxxis Maxx Cross IT Pro's until I scare myself in the wet on the road! They'll look great with the Moto X style front mudguard!
  10. Hello I have a part restored Alpina, the wheels are with Central Wheel Components for rebuilding and it's time to make a choice on tyres. Previous posts will confirm I am a 'newbie' to motorcycle renovation/restoration! Previous projects have been limited to classic '80s Italian bicycles! My part restored Alpina came with a chunky pair of new Maxxis Cross IT Pro tyres, they look great! Quoted as street legal on the Maxxis website. The frame/engine number is B - 8503578 I think the bike was an export to USA and has ended up back in the UK. It has the high mount 'moto cross' style front mudguard/fender. Can anyone help with advice on tyres, I want to keep this project as close to original as possible. Any advice /comments/suggestions welcome, thanks. Regards Jeremy
  11. Front Mudguard Height - Alpina Model 85

    HI Larry and Scot Taco Thank you both for your helpful replies, much appreciated. Within the box of bits looks like a repaired high mount fender bracket, so I'll go with that format. Best wishes Jeremy PS, yes, beautiful bike Larry
  12. Hi I'm new to this so apologies if the answer has already been posted. I have acquired a part rebuilt Alpina. I think it may be an American market model that's found it's way to the UK. Frame engine number B - 8503578 I think this came with a high and#39; motor cross' style mounted fender, can anyone help confirm please? Assuming so, next challenge will be to track down some brackets etc. Regards Jeremy
  13. Good morning Hopefully, I'll not be posting too many daft pleas for help and advice as a newbie! I've just embarked on my first project, a Bultaco Aplina 250. A lot of the hard work has been done by the avid bike fettling/restoring seller. With the engine rebuilt and sitting in a restored frame, I've got the task of fitting all the bits in boxes on the bike and getting it running. Best wishes to all. Jeremy