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  1. Ok will change the pads.I have a new set .the pads in are the one's in from new as I don't ride as often as I us to. Age sindrom. In fact I never change them, usually get a new bike, anyway new pads it is. Might just try the water thing first.do we think this won't work?. Is carb cleaner as good as brake cleaner or is it the same stuff. Keep em coming.
  2. The short leaver thing that is so I don't have long leavers on when I don't need them,I would adjust the leaver so my finger was at the end of the short leaver.so more leverage as the pivert point is a lot ferther away ,when I use a standard leaver my finger is right on the bend not far past the pivert point .have tyred some one's bike with the short leavers on and pulling from the end of the leaver,it is a lot easier more leverage. Plus shorter leaver don't brake as easy. The idia of getting the pads really hot and dowsing with cold water rings a bell with me,think people have done that before could work.never tyred it ,but will next time I'm out having a practice , it's possible my pads are contaminated with wd40 as I spray with wd40 after washing to repell all water stops things rusting up.done it for years.thank you for all comments keep them coming any fresh ideas welcome. Chris.
  3. I have a sherco factory 2019 250 .my front brake is always cr.....p. how do I get it ready keen.tried all the bleeding, tapping the cable to get bubbles out.gaffer pads in.it just feels like I alway have to squeeze really hard,and with one finger. Though of the short leavers, haven't done that yet to get more leverage . Sanding the disc up a bit with sand paper.rough the pad up a bit. Disc look ok not polished up.. any ideas. .... chris
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