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  1. Could you please go a little further in detail about the wiring from the CDI to the coil? I am having trouble with my 00 rev 3. currently I have the red wire attached to the spade tab on the coil, and the brown wire bolted to the coil through the plastic cover/protector. Should there also be a earth encourperated Onto this? Thanks in advanced Lloyd
  2. Hi Paul, thanks for all the help so far. One more please bud. From the CDI , I have 2 wires. Red that goes to the little spade on the coil. Brown, has a small round earth. Currently I have this attached to the coil with a nut and bolt that also attaches this to the plastic protector on the left hand side just next to the fan. On the diagrams I've seen this brown wire needs to be grounded, however because it's bolted to plastic I don't see how that is possible. Is this correct the same as yours? Cheers lloyd
  3. could you also please tell me the wiring for your kill switch? Ive got black coming from loom to switch to ground
  4. Paul this is brilliant thank you. I was worried I'd wired it wrong, as a new stator fried on me within 10 minutes.. I recon my reg/Rec is broken so will test it and order a new one along with another stator. , cheers for that
  5. Thank you bittenagain. On my reg/rec there are 5 wires total.. 1 ac power in (yellow) then 4 out 2 double wires.. I presume 2 go to thermostat, 2 go to fan? I have no obvious earth though. Unless the tab that bolts the reg/rec to the frame is the ground?
  6. I've contacted a few beta dealers, hopefully they will get in contact when they're back in action this week. If I get any luck I'll let you know
  7. Even if you don't have a diagram but know the bike could you please try and talk me through it / draw it on a bit of paper upload it.. I don't need any lighting/horn wiring. Just kill, fan/thermo, coil and the earths
  8. Good afternoon all, in new to the forum so I hope I'm putting this in the right place. I've recently acquired a beta rev 3 2000 model that had a few issues. The wiring on the bike had been chopped and changed and generally a right mess, so I have stripped the old wiring and have now attempted to put it all back together. My stator has a loom attached to the CDI, 2 come out of the CDI onto the coil. The remaining 2 wires from my stator are yellow (plugs into the reg/rec) and black (presume this just wires to my kill switch? Coming from my reg/rec I have 4 wires... I would like to wire in my fan/thermostat. However I'm not quite sure how to do this, or sure what else needs to be earthed. Any help would be much appreciated. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 00-02 ? Thank you in advance lloyd
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