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  1. Thanks for that, yes ill get a flywheel puller and see where we go from there
  2. I have 7 wires running in behind the flywheel. Got the following readings all between the wire and the frame. Yellow -which runs to the ht coil - short Red - runs in to CDI - open circuit Black/white - runs in to CDI - 200 ohm White - runs in to CDI - 200 ohm Brown - runs in to CDI - short Black - Open circuit Getting about 40- 50 volts AC out of the ht coil?
  3. blanc

    Jtx270 Spares

    yum...sounds stolen..lol
  4. Thanks again. Will test over weekend and revert back with results. Dam spanish electrics
  5. Also the lighting is not plugged in but the rectifier is still bolted to the frame, would this effect the spark?
  6. Readings from the coil and pickup look good, is there anyway of checking the CDI using a multimeter?
  7. Thanks again. Im quite tempted to make up a complete new wiring loom. It looks so simple, thats the first time I can say that on a bike. In relation to the cd/stator...DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO TEST THESE??????????
  8. Thanks all, Graham nice informative post. A quick question, the ht coil. Is it secured to the frame or is it secured via the plastic shield by a bolt? Surley a bolt will not ground as good as the frame?
  9. Hi All, I bought an 01 rev3 250, I bought it as a non runner. (Didnt spark) I bought a new ht coil, lead and spark plug cap that didnt fix the problem. I realise that these bikes have cdi and stator problems can a newer model be fitted to cure the electrical problems? Also how do I test both the cdi and stator to ID the problem?
  10. Thanks, how do I cahange the layout of the airfilter so as Im not staying blue. SB
  11. Thanks all. I am going to replace all the plastics, mine is the blue model. What years fit?
  12. Hi All, I bought my first trials bike in quite a few years. An 01 Beta 250, it needs tidying. I cant seem to find to much info or a manual on the bike. Does anyone have a manual
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