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  1. doc46

    Stolen Betas

    From a post with my number on it!! And people think they’re doing you a favour but all they’re doing is making you feel more angry and frustrated!!
  2. doc46

    Stolen Betas

    Do all of that mate just one moments slip of concentration! Anyway good news I’ve just been given an anonymous call to say my bike was sold today for £1300! So somebody got themselves a Christmas bargain!! Seems to me everyone in the underworld knows everyone else but they won’t grass to the normal grafting society Ive said it before but somebody somewhere is reading this forum and knows all about this and all the other trials bikes that are going missing Please help us root them out!
  3. doc46

    Stolen Betas

    I always park my truck across the garage door so you cant open it. I have to start the truck to move it, cant push it even neutral However, I moved it a few feet on Monday night to get something out and just forgot to move it back! I live on a roadside overlooked by 5 other houses and my sons bedroom is directly above the garage door I'm posting this to show we are all being watched all of the time and this is the consequence of a moments thoughtlessness Please be extra careful especially this time of year, these ****s need extra cash for sniff for the upcoming festive period!
  4. doc46

    Stolen Betas

    Someone, somewhere must know where all of these bikes are going Its reached epidemic proportions now! A couple of dozen in the last week, some pretty rare bikes as well - they would stick out like a sore thumb at an event I don’t honestly believe that anyone in our “community” would knowingly buy a stolen bike. So where are they going?? Personally think they’re going abroad. I’ve given details to the police and hope for the perpetrators sake the bizzies get them before I do cos I’m way past giving a f***!!
  5. doc46

    Stolen Betas

    2017 Beta Evo 200 stolen from my garage last night and my mate's 2007rev 3 250 from his garage about 2 streets away. My evo was as new only done 4 events, got a red rear spring, inlet hose and rim tapes Both gone from Annfield Plain area of County Durham Please keep a look out, these horrible c**** have no idea what I've been through to finally have another bike after a 15yr lay off and hope they have an excruciately painful death in front of their families on christmas morning That bike was my life and there's no way I can afford another one Ian "Strut" McPherson
  6. Used to love the 2000s Gassers when the 160/ 200 was yellow, the 249 was blue, the 270 red and 321 silver. Looked like a proper range of bikes and gave us the option to change colour or mix and match.
  7. The fuel cap alone weighed the same as a manhole cover! You bought yourself a lovely boat anchor there, mate ⚓️. Wait till the price of scrap iron rises again and you might break even!.....and I'll bet my plums that, back then, TMX said it was an ideal clubman/starter bike and soooo much better than last year's model ?
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