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  1. Well it's been a long time since this post, and it's been a long road, but I finally have this thing sorted out! Wanted to post back on this thread in case other people experience similar issues in the future. I've actually experienced several issues with this bike, all of a similar nature, and I'm pretty sure they all happened independently. I was about to throw this thing to the curb but finally (knock on wood) have it running great. The original problem was actually an air leak at the intake manifold. The random periods of running poorly after it had been sitting turns out to be due to me sitting in the bottom of the "seat" between sections. My weight on the airbox pushed on the back of the carb, which caused a gap to open between the front of the carb and the intake manifold. It was so random because I didn't always sit on the bike during breaks, so sometimes it was sealed and other times it wasn't. I accidentally discovered it one day when it was running and i put some weight on the "seat" and heard the bike immediately bog. I replaced the intake manifold and clamp, and then it was running great. Figured I was home free... After a few rides thinking I had this thing fixed, random performance issues appeared again. This time it was similar in nature (random periods of bogging and poor low end performance after starting the bike) but definitely not an air leak. After some troubleshooting I realized that I could start the bike, test for bogging, shut if off, start it again, and it would be perfect. I decided to replace the CDI box since only something electrical seemed likely to cause such drastic performance changes only seconds apart after a restart. New CDI box installed, problem solved. I probably rode a few months without issue. Once again, figured I was home free. A few months back I was on a trail ride and was working up a long hill climb of switchbacks, and all of a sudden I lost significant power. I was almost holding the thing wide open and barely made it out. I tried a whole range of things (fresh gas, new spark plug, carb cleaning, carb tuning, checking for air leaks, my old CDI box, etc.) in the time since but nothing was making any difference. When I had the problem I was up at 9000', and then the rides after that were here in New Mexico at 4500' plus 90F degree days, so I was convinced I was experiencing a finicky 2 stroke carb and my problem was related to jetting. During a test ride yesterday, doing some throttle roll on's down a fire road, the horrible performance continued. The thing was SO down on power, I was convinced the thing was going to quit/seize/blow up at any second. I was ready to start looking for a new bike since I had absolutely had it with this thing. Just before I was going to shut the bike off, I passed my hand behind the exhaust and realized I didn't feel much flow coming out. I held my hand back there, rev'd the bike, and not a noticeable change. I had never done this on my trials bike before, but on my CRF450R that sucker moves some air, so something seemed off. Today I removed the slip-on spark arrestor from the muffler and saw a PLUGGED screen. Muffler packing had come loose and lodged itself in the spark arrestor greatly restricting the flow. Someone in an earlier post had mentioned to check this, and even though that didn't apply to the first two issues I had, it did on this one! When the bike had the sudden power loss on the trail ride, that must have been when the packing came loose and got lodged. Today I started the bike with the spark arrestor off and that thing ran like a bat out of hell. Super crisp, tons of power, and I was smiling again. I pulled out all the packing from the spark arrestor, took a wire brush to it, soaked it in Simple Green, and then finally hit it with a torch to burn away as much carbon buildup as I could. It's nice and clean now. Reinstalled and I'm back up and running. Hopefully nobody ever experiences all of these issues back to back to back like I did, but if you do, I hope something in this post helps you find it faster than I did! Here is hoping to some better luck for me with this bike moving forward. I'm tired and just want to ride.
  2. How can you actually tell that you got all the air out? Clutches aren't like brakes that have a positive stop to expect. Do you need to look at clutch throw with the cover off?
  3. I'm losing tranny oil but there is a small leak from the clutch side. Just read about the skidplate knocking things out of alignment so I need to take a look at that. So unfortunately I don't have a good data point on oil use right now. Once I fix that leak I'll track it. As far as the carb, any thoughts on where to start? Don't have access to a different one unfortunately.
  4. Well I've switched to Bel Ray Synthetic. Didn't open up the engine, just wanted to change premixes and see if that changed anything. I've ridden a few tanks worth and no change. Still has periods where it will run boggy after I shut it off and let it sit. However, I've noticed a new fact. If I shut the bike off and continue sitting on it (bike stays basically upright), the next time I start it is when it will bog. If I shut the bike off and put it on the side stand (right side of bike, so bike tilts over to the right) I don't have an issue when it starts back up. So it appears as though the angle the bike sits at after shutting it off directly impacts how the bike will run after it starts. Does this confirm the theory some of you have about the crank seal leaking?
  5. Thanks for all the ideas guys. I haven't made any changes yet, but I also haven't been experiencing this issue like I was. I spoke with Ryan Young Products today and they strongly believe its the premix I'm running. They recommended trying a full synthetic and seeing if that fixes things. I'll start there! I also plan to measure the tranny fluid next time I drain it to see if I'm losing any out the exhaust.
  6. My 2012 290 starts fine and typically runs just great. Occasionally, when I have been riding for a little while and then stop for a break, after starting the bike back up, it will be low on power (feels like its bogging) and will smoke pretty heavily out the exhaust. It's not consistent though. Sometimes I can ride a few times and not have this problem, but then other times it will happen. The bogging and the smoking have ALWAYS been linked (never see one without the other). Any ideas where to start? I've pulled the carb off and cleaned the jets. Air filter is clean. I'm running 80:1 gas using premium octane and Maxima Castor 927 premix. Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have!
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