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    Oil Brand

    I run a full synthetic power valve two stroke oil for snowmobiles. I run it at 128:1 (0.78% -- which is one ounce of oil to one US gallon of gas). I live at 7,100' elevation, but ride higher and all the way down near sea level. Never a fouled plug, I think I replaced it once since I bought my Ice Hell in Jan of 2017. I both putt around and flog on it like a dirtbike in sand washes. All good. PS I run my air filters really well oiled.....
  2. MarkBuckholz

    Trans oil?

    That's the great thing about being a human! We get to pick and chose what is important to each one of us. But I welcome information when it can help me make a choice...and a completely valid choice is ....it doesn't matter. ;o)
  3. I bought a battery less Ice Hell in March. Worked the World Round last weekend. My AZ dealer has new maps particularly for high elevation. Would have gotten it loaded but didn't have my scoot with me. Anyone get the new map yet? I live and ride at 7000' elevation. Sometimes up to 10k' sometimes sea level. Thanks. Checking world round was great. Most of the GP2 women and many of the GP 2 men and GP women were nice and thanked us on the last loop. Many of the top GP men and their minders were cheaters, grooming and basically jerks. I didn't give a yellow card but threatened. FIM should give financial penalties and clean up the sport.... End of rant. ;o)
  4. MarkBuckholz

    Trans oil?

    I live in the US and imported a case of the Castrol Transmax Z. But I discovered that the diesel product, Mobil Delvac 1 synthetic ATF (not the Mobil 1) meets there same MB spec as the recommended Castrol oil so that is what I should or would buy in the USA.
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