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  1. Hi all. Just getting round to reassembling my mid 80s 240. One problem it does have is I think the spring has gone on the gear lever - as in, it can select all gears but doesn’t return to the central position. Big job to sort and has anyone got any experience of this? Thanks, Alan.
  2. Sorry - late to this one. I just rebuilt mine - assembled them and filled with oil to within 140 mm of top of leg. Pumped a few times and checked the level again to 140. Work fine. Alan.
  3. Hi and thanks for the response. Can't make next weekend I'm afraid but will look out for a future one. Re motor, first dabble off road on a bike and size didn't really bother me - also it was very cheap. I also had a shot of one of these about 20 years ago and liked it. Not to say I won't step up to a larger one in due course. Lots of jobs to do as lots of seized parts and shot bearings. Alan.
  4. Hello all, thought i would introduce myself. I'm Alan and have just bought an early Fantic (80cc). Starts and stops but needs quite a lot doing as has been sitting in as shed for 10 plus years. All bearings seem to be away and lots of bits seized. Have never trailed before but used to compete in Land Rovers so hoping it's similar - albeit with more balance required! Looking forward to getting out for a practice sometime or spectating an event. Alan.
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