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  1. Don't forget that cota 247 points are always live! As the points open there is a barely percept able dip in resistance measured with a multimeter set to ohms. A 'squawkbox' was also used(it gives out a tone that alters as the point open.) This issue drove me mad too till 'Lorenzo' on the forum put me straight. Cheers to him! Mike
  2. Hi... Getting there on the montesa.... Rear wheel rebuilt.... Getting good at these!!! 



  3. Hi all. Losing my mind here... the points on my cota 247 don't seem to have any effect unless I disconnect the two wires screwed to them. With these wires.. black and condenser.. removed I can check moment of opening with a multimeter beep. Replacing the wires and I get no break in the beep as the points open!! Is this right? Doesn't seem to make sense. I am running the black to the coil/condenser under the tank and the pale pink to earth. Green and yellow I discard as they are lights etc and not required for trials. Points are new... coils not shorting out... correct resistance in generator coils.....what have I misunderstood??? This is a rebuild of a box of bits. Help please.... Mike
  4. Hi everyone. Just bought a 1972/4 247 cota to rebuild. It needs a few parts...piston+rings for a start!!.I need a manual to get started and no doubt there will be other bits I need to find. I would be interested in meeting up with anyone out there who runs one of these bikes. I am in Yaxley near Peterborough and go to watch the trial at Stibbington as a way of getting into trials. Did a bit when I was much younger!! I'm currently building a cz175 trials and will do the Montana as and when. Mike
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