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  1. I added the 3.5" tire like the others which I like. There's a fine line on getting the chain tension right and the tire not to rub but it worked with I think two extra chain links. I also just installed a set of SRAM Code RSC brakes using the stock 180 rotors. PLENTY OF POWER and really nice brake modulation. This is a expensive set at $480 but really one of the best you can buy for a mtn bike brake (two piston caliper). The RSC has adjustable pad engagement which I really love. This bike needed more clinching power, not bigger rotors. I also added the ROX 2" riser but on the fence with that one until I ride it more. FUN bike although I'm still not happy with the delivery of the power at mid throttle. It's too aggressive and not linear enough. I'll work on using the rear brake to control that....
  2. See my other post on brake upgrades for this bike.
  3. I tried that and it didn't move. I think this bike might be too light for that process. I turned my rear spring preload up a bit from stock but who knows if they are all set the same from the factory. Sitting/standing on the bike, I'm getting about 20% sag front and rear. I don't think we can adjust the fork preload. The OEM 24r rear spring is 650 lbs. Oset has a 750lb spring but there's no conclusive evidence yet on how it works or for what weight of a rider. On my enduro race bikes, we always set sag with the rider and gear on the bike but I'm keeping my mind open on how to setup these trials bikes (and yes I know this isn't really an adult trials bike, I'm just trying to extract as much potential from it as possible).
  4. Which way to do riders examine sag on these? With or without a rider?
  5. How about setting sag on these guys ? The manuals for the fork and rear shock say 15-25% sag but I'm thinking that might be more for a downhill bike. I thinking a trials bike should be set up differently and softer on the compression and rebound maybe? Thanks
  6. Rode my new 24 around the neighborhood yesterday. Really fun bike, I'm 6' 185lbs. I'm still getting used to the throttle response and it seems there's a mid point where the power comes on all the sudden which is a bit difficult to control. The response knob certainly affects how strong it engages but it seems to always engage at that same point. I was hoping the control of the power would be more linear. You guys noticing this as well? The braking power wasn't as strong as I wanted but I need to bed-in the pads better first. I noticed a few have gone to 203mm rotors but not sure if they had to get bigger calipers too? The brakes need to have enough mass and bit first and bigger rotors disperse heat better. I don't think heat build up or dispersion is the issue here..
  7. I like this riser. Are you happy with it? I just bought a 24 and think I'll try this. I'm 6' 180lbs. Excited to try Trials riding.
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