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  1. chappers

    TXT 250 Edition 2002

    Thanks for the info. Think I will go with the 75w light gear oil then as I think I already got some of that in the shed
  2. chappers

    TXT 250 Edition 2002

    thanks I will keep an eye on the mudgaurd as I'm sure to fall off. Can anyone also please confirm the oil type to use in the gearbox ? The manual just says 10/40w but does not say what, I assume justt he usual car engine oil. I ahve also seen some are using ATF. Only just got the bike yesterday so was wanting to go over it and change all the fluids.
  3. chappers

    TXT 250 Edition 2002

    Hi Thanks for the info this will come in very handy especially for the brakes. Just need to get some practice in now.
  4. chappers

    TXT 250 Edition 2002

    New to trilas and just got myself a TXT 250 Edition 2002 model. Does anyone know if when ordering parts they are the same as the TXT 250 model ?
  5. chappers

    Beta 270 beginners bike ?

    Thanks everyone for the info. Very helpful. Sounds like it might be worth a go. I can always sell and get something different if I don't get on with it.
  6. chappers

    Beta 270 beginners bike ?

    Thanks guys. That confirms what I was thinking. Will keep looking for a 250 then.
  7. chappers

    Beta 270 beginners bike ?

    Hi. Was wanting to get started in trials and have been looking for a beta or gas gas 250 but have seen a nice beta rev 3 270 for sale at a good price. Do you guys think the 270 would be ok for a beginner or should I wait and try and get a 250.