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  1. Wigan Lad

    Good Trials Mechanic / Workshop near Wigan

    Sorry sections swept. I just seen your post. Thanks for the offer regarding the pictures and advice etc much appreciated. I have found someone local willing to look at it for me. I can drop with him on my way to work as he is local to the office. As I said i am not against having a go at things but i do not mind paying a mechanic or anyone who can sort something i cannot. He might charge me £50 for bleeding the brake but when you earn £300 a day, and you spend 6 hours looking at something that you cannot get right, plus £25 quid in halfords for oil and gear, £50 is cheap compared to £250 in theory it has already cost me 😉 Regards Chris
  2. Wigan Lad

    Good Trials Mechanic / Workshop near Wigan

    Finally found some one. Dave Clarke Racing near Preston. He specialises in MX bikes and used to have is own supermoto team in the british championship. Willing to work on the evo. Cheer for your help gents. Chris
  3. Wigan Lad

    Good Trials Mechanic / Workshop near Wigan

    Road bikes Nebulous but thanks anyway. I will keep yellow pages in mind when i want my road bike servicing and MOT. I will try Darren many thanks. Chris
  4. Wigan Lad

    Good Trials Mechanic / Workshop near Wigan

    Yea the number online is not in use. When you go to the web page they are miles away?
  5. Wigan Lad

    Good Trials Mechanic / Workshop near Wigan

    Hi Oni. I agree with doing as much as you can yourself. I dont mind having a go at things but sometimes you come to stuff that you spend ages on and either get no further with or make things worse. I dont mind admitting defeat when ive had a good go at something and paying someone who knows more than me a fair price to sort things. Just struggling to find a good local trials mechanic. Regards Chris
  6. Wigan Lad

    Good Trials Mechanic / Workshop near Wigan

    Cheers Nebulous. The problem with someone 30 miles is that with work i can only drop it somewhere at the weekend and it would mean collecting the weekend after. The guy at FICS is probably more than capable of doing it but the guy tried to rip me off years ago. I took an Aprilia RS125 up there for him 2 sell. Alot of the bikes he advertises he is selling on behalf of people. I was emigrating to NZ and he said he would buy it off me if he could not sell it before i was leaving ( the bike was immac with low miles and he could not sell it in 2 months). Agreed a price, then offered me less with some sob story, I agreed and he said it would be a couple of weeks until he had the money. Came to collect it and he offered me less again with some more sob storey. End of the day he knew i was leaving the country and needed to get shut of it so he was stalling me right up to the end so he could get the bike for nothing. I went ape**** at him and threatened to knock him out! He bought the bike in the end for the original price agreed. Long storey their but anyhow. Itlf anyone else can reccomend someone or garage it would be much appreciated. Regard Chris
  7. Wigan Lad

    Good Trials Mechanic / Workshop near Wigan

    Thanks for the reply Oni. I have got a bleeding kit, and watched many youtube vids and spent over 6 hours this weekend trying to sort it doing various different things some of which you have suggested. I did like the comment about swapping the reservoir for something larger as it has been p****** me off keep extracting and pushing fluid through it. Now that said, do you know any one / garage in and around the NW area who fixes trials bikes? Not only am I **** with brakes but bikes in general so it would be good to find someone i can take it to for this or any other potential issues. Regards Chris
  8. Hi. Got a beta evo which needs a minor job doing. Cant get the back brake to work propperly. All the trials repair places seem to be over Yorkshire way. Most motorcycle mechanics even people i know who are handy with MX bikes dont want to touch trials. If anyone knows anyone local to me who like to fix trials bike please can you post their details? Thanks alot. Chris
  9. Wigan Lad

    Help with Beta Rev 3

    Hi guys. New to the forum and trials bikes. I ha e purchased an 07 rev 3 and have been experiencing a few issues with it. 1st thing. No spark, went out on it last time and evertthing was fine. Cleaned it put it away and now no spark? 2nd is the sticky clutch but has had new friction plates recently. You have to put the bike in gear pull the clutch then pull the bike back hard to release it. 3rd is the soft supsension. I am a heavy rider and would like to stiffen the front end but not sure what i should be turning and how many times? Any suggestions would be great. Cheers
  10. Hi.

    Not sure what im doimg here with the posta etc. I was wonderimg if anyone could help me with aome advice for my rev 3. 1st thing, no spark with new spark plug?

    2nd sticky clutch but had new friction plates? 

    3rd i would like to stiffen the front end as i am a heavy rider but not sure what to be turning on the forks?


    Any help would be much appreciated.