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  1. Price is way too expensive !!!!! It would need to be 100% perfect before I would even be considering it.
  2. How are you sure it’s lack of fuel ???? Carb issue. Did you put fuel direct into the cylinder & it started first time confirming it was a fuel issue. Could be ignition prob, reduce / half the plug gap & see if there is an improvement.
  3. Check the frame headstock. 6 & 7th is engine size (2.9) 272 cc 10 is year. (2005) hope this helps.
  4. Hi I would try a flywheel weight or head insert to reduce the compression to make the bike more rider friendly if your thinking the 290cc is too fiery.
  5. From what I’ve found out it’s 370 in the (right) rebound side & 350 in the (left,spring side) forks
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