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  1. I was told the same thing today by my dealer here in Canada - just waiting on an eta for the kit?
  2. SquamishDroc

    New X-Track One

    Has anyone ridden the new X-Track - looking at a new bike for the wife and would love one with the electric start. The wife is only 5ft tall so she has a hard time starting my 2019 One 250 with the kickstart. According to the TRS site you can get the X-Track with the small gas tank and no seat as well as with the bigger seat and tank.
  3. There is a Facebook page for the CPTA and also one called Ioco trials riders. Might post up there and find someone who would let you borrow a bike.
  4. Got my parts yesterday - wrong part in the right box Wasn't impressed that's for sure. The worst part is that the stator I got had been installed. It had witness marks from it being bolted down and dirt on the grommet where it goes through the case. Contacted the vendor today and he is taking it back and refunding my $$ - problem is he doesn't have another one. So I either order from RYP and get hosed on duties or wait for my local dealer to get one from Italy or wherever they come from.
  5. SquamishDroc

    big end woe

    I just bought some parts for my bike from that site. Saved over $200 on the stator for my bike as opposed to getting it from my local dealer. That company is in Canada so shipping might be higher than what you might expect.
  6. Did some resistance tests and found the yellow wire open circuit. So I borrowed a flywheel puller from a friend and pulled it off today. Low and behold I found the problem. Looks like at some point part of the stator broke off. The broken part was not in the case so I assume the previous owner must have removed it. Then the coil wires must have slowly rubber through on the flywheel. I am going to try and repair it myself, but if that doesn't work then I guess a new stator will be needed.
  7. Leonelli - I will see if I can find some resistance specs - thanks for your help.
  8. Ran the bike today without the rectifier hooked up - no change - still only .5 volts ac at idle.
  9. Thanks - I will try that tomorrow night.
  10. Hi guys - new member and first post here I have a 2011 st250 and the cooling fan doesn't work. I have tested the yellow wire out of the stator for ac voltage. I get .5 volts or so on this wire with the engine running at idle. If I disconnect the regulator from the yellow wire I will get about 10 volts with the engine running at idle. I bought a new regulator thinking it was faulty - plugged it in today and no change to the voltage on the yellow wire - still only .5 volts or so at idle. Is my stator faulty? Any help would be appreciated.
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