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  1. I currently have a 97 mont 250, great bike, but just fancy something newer.
  2. Hi, I have been looking at this bike to buy. I had a sherco back in 2004 which I had a bad experience with, blown engine etc. I have never had a sherco since. Anyone ever had one of these??
  3. No idea why it is there. Its got a proper mount, it clips onto a mount next to the rear brake reservoir, so I don't think it's something that someone just decided to fit.
  4. Hi all, I currently own a montesa 315r, I believe to be a 99 bike. The bike is great and I have no issues. I use it to ride in Clubman B, but I have decided its time to treat myself as I want to get more serious into trials. I'm still along way off from being able to ride as spectacular as some so I'm looking for a good bike to see me through the next 2 or 3 years. I have had beta, sherico and this montesa, but they have all been second hand etc and I had all sorts of issues with the sherico, but I have no idea what there are like new. Any suggestions or preferences as to what would suit me. Ps don't know if it helps but I'm about 5"10 and stocky build (not fat), I weigh about 15 stone, (OK a little fat, but I'm working on it).
  5. So I test rode the bike tonight and it runs like new. I believe it must have drawn some water in from the same ail filter that was soaked. Anyone have any idea what this filter is? It is about the size of a 2p, running down a short pipe onto the side of the carb. Also should I clean this and use air filter oil on it or keep it dry?
  6. OK, so tonight I once again stripped carb. Gave another thorough clean. Didn't realise that there was a small sponge filter coming from what looks like a breather pipe??? It was soaking and oily, to the point where a good teaspoon of oily water came out. I cleaned it and the pipe, made sure that it was dry too. Not had chance to test ride it yet. As for fuel, it flows no prob when I open the tap, so no blockages there, and there is no filter from what I can see.
  7. Thanks all for the suggestions so far. If it was a carb issue why would it run fine after a period of time, wouldn't it be a constant issue?? Someone has also suggested crank seal...stating that when cold it is drawing air in and once the crank has gotten warm the seal has expanded sealing fully... Regards to fuel, bike doesn't have a fuel filter, just a straight pipe from tank to carb, so that's something I'm gonna invest in tomorrow, I'll also clean carb again, making sure there is not water in it, put spare tank on with fresh fuel and try that.
  8. Plugged??? (Blocked??) I stripped carb down....floats and needle, large jet which had a jet screwed into it and a long thin jet, cleaned them all and rebuilt... Have I missed something???
  9. Hi all, I have recently got a 315R, I believe it is a 99 model, however the 10th vin number is a V, when I looked it up is states its a 97?? This aside, the bike has been spot on...no issues until yesterday. Chock on, bike started 1st kick, idled fine. Once warmed up I knocked the choke off went to set off and the bike died. Restarted, same thing. I thought it might just not have had warmed up enough. Chock on, started and ran fine. I ended up riding it with the chock on, the bike was fine like this. Knocked chock off again after about 15mins of riding and it died when I went to set off again. Put chock back on and rode it fine, it took about 40min later and finally bike seemed back to normal. Got bike home, stripped card and cleaned, rebuilt, started 1st kick, but didn't get chance to test ride. Went out today, started 1st kick, idled fine but then was a repeat of yesterday, 40mins of riding with chock on before i could knock it off. Suggestions???
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