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  1. I was thinking to install a mini led projector But i have No idea about how many watts the system can run
  2. I i am not mistaken it is 12 v The fan is 12v 100%
  3. An ohlins rear Shock from a gas gas pro
  4. Does anybody know if a rear shock with 280 mm length and 10 mm holes will fit a sherco st 300 2014 model? Came off a gas gas
  5. I have always sent my crankshafts to a machine Shop for big end repairs. But i don't thing is needed if the gaps are okay.
  6. I don't know if the big end overhaul is needed or if it is a big job. I think you need a press to Change them?
  7. Hello am looking to do a top and rebuild and Change the main bearings. Has anyone done this job? I have overhauled engines before and i would like to know if their is something i should look out for or some tips.
  8. I am asking about operating temp because the radiators go up to 100°C and the clutch side cover up to 90°C and i think it's to much I ride in around 35°C
  9. Does anyone knows what is the radiator operating temp and exhaust temp?
  10. Thank you for the reply again I have found some chipping Should i file them smooth?
  11. No difference in gear or in neutral The only time it gets little less noisy is under load.
  12. Could a chip in a gear be the cause to all of these rattle? Thanks for the reply!!
  13. I have dismadled the clutch side to Change the crankcase seals and now i have this weird nocking Clutch seems to work okay didn't ride for more than a couple of minutes. Noise almost stops when i accelerate Below i have a link to a video with the noise. Could not upload a video. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/g1n1qzf9o9t37ko/AABc9GdBiMdEcrBWyTz-_oXMa?dl=0
  14. I am coming to uk next week and i was wondering if their is any Shop near manchester or liverpool to test fit and buy some trials boots!!
  15. 2014 model Yes the tank is mounted on the rear
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