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  1. It's an old bike and had a tube in when I got it so I carried on the tradition. When I got the first punctures I also found a few loose spokes and could play a tune on the them with escaping air. Probably why previous owner used a tube.
  2. Make that 4 punctures as I just pinched the brand new tube and chewed a bit of rim with the tyre lever. Brilliant
  3. I'm just playing and learning at the minute so nothing to serious. Only asking as been unlucky to have 3 punctures and a valve ripped out of a tube in the last month.
  4. Is anyone out there using these on their bikes? From the blurb they look to have different densities putting rear pressure around 8-10 psi. So what are the thought on them and are they worth the initial cost and fitting? Also would u leave a valve in the rim or add another tyre clamp minimising tyre slip even more but possibly making fitting even harder?
  5. Sherco 290. Definitely up for trying new places. Just waiting on rack for the car then be out n about
  6. I'm pretty much in same boat, new to trials and from Pontypool. Gonna go to few events for look and chat
  7. Been exploring and found a few good local practice spots now, ta. Billy no mates at minute tho
  8. Hi all, mid life crisis in full flow. Ridden road bikes past 20 years, now time to bite the bullet and give it a try. Got a cheap old Sherco 290, now looking for more experienced riders for a bit of coaching and places to ride. Any volunteers?
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