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  1. We got rims off old TR32 or TR34, but they are 36 hole ;-)
  2. Hi Folks, My son & I have bought some old Beta flanged tubeless rims with the idea to fit them onto our TLR250's we have. I've seen one done with Gas Gas / Sherco type turnbuckle spokes. Has anybody done this & if so what size / length spokes did you use? There's quite a bit of difference in length in the spokes between sprocket side to drum side on our TLR's Any advice appreaciated. Cheers, Gary B
  3. Hi Folks, Chasing some advice / knowledge about Gas Gas shocks fitting Sherco's. My son has been offered a second hand 5 way adjustable Reiger shock at a good price. But shock has come off a 2015 Gas Gas 300, does anybody know if it will fit a 2018 Sherco 300 Factory ?? I've been onto some Reiger websites but cant find any info. Thanks in advance, Gary
  4. Hi Folks, I'm looking to rebuild the motor in my 1985 TLR250 I've just been to my local Honda dealer who was sorry to tell me that TLR250 Piston, Rings, Head and Base gaskets are No Longer Available for Honda. My bike had over 7,000km showing on the speedo when I got it 6 years ago. It was used to check fences on a farm & never used in Trials. I have been using it in several TwinShock Trials a year in Australia ever since, plus quite a few good trail rides with mates on 'Older' Trials bikes so she would be way past the 8,000km mark by now. Any idea's where I can source a Piston kit & required gaskets?? Mr Honda still has cam chains & guides etc & I have ordered them. Thanks in adavance for any help. Cheers, Gary B.
  5. Thanks Eagle, Not much oil left, so I'm not expecting much gas, BUT I have a friend looking at them that rebuilds CBR250RR shocks, these have an "Internal" gas bladder so he knows what to look out for. Cheers, Gary.
  6. Hey Kickstart, it all,came down to cost when I bought the NJB shocks. Plus we had seen quite a few pairs of Falcon shocks fail in a very short time in Australia. PM sent with my email address.
  7. Thanks Tony, Was the cap threaded or did you just prise it off? I was going to make a tool to spin the cap off if its threaded. Cheers.
  8. Hi, Has anyone out there been able to rebuid the stock (Showa) shocks on a TLR250 ?? I have bought some NJB Trick Shocks which are great, BUT the longest I could buy were still a bit shorter than the stock lenght of the TLR shocks. This has upset the steering geometry & my bike now steers like a bus. I have dismantled my stock TLR shocks as much as I'm capable of; does anybody know if you can buy seals? Shaft is 12.5mm. It looks like the cap will spin off the shock body with a special tool. Thanks, Gary B.
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