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  1. Pokeydave19


    I just rode for the first time this year with a new pair of Gaerne! Nice boot.... I found them on Amazon for $230 with my Prime free shipping, 😁! They aren't the oiled waterproof boots, so I used some mink oil to help preserve the leather and waterproof the boots. Super comfy boot right out of the box!!! The 1 bad thing is the plastic buckles..... Seams a bit cheap considering the price of the boot! I have a pair of Forma boots (low) for my riding my GSA..... I didn't think they had enough ankle support for romping through the woods!
  2. Good thinking Zippy.... It might be worth a shot to try it! I never used a pre paid credit card before. I rely on PayPal for most everything!
  3. I thought about that! Just afraid they might charge my card for other purchases and then have to fight to get my money back.... Then get a new credit card!
  4. I was able to find it online, http://www.stupidgreg.com I even emailed them about how long shipping would take to the states and received a reply answer or 5-7days.....?
  5. Thanks Johnny! Maybe someone has more info....
  6. Hey folks! Has anyone ever heard of Stupidgreg.com..... ? I just bought another trials bike after a few years away from the sport and was looking for good prices on gear and apparel and found this site. Like I stated, it seems to good to be true..... They do not accept Pay Pal like most places in the USA and I can't seem to find anything on the net about them as a company. Anyone, unfortunately, get burned by them? Thanks
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