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  1. Thanks, I will talk to Richard.
  2. Hi is the rear mudguard still available please, sorry just seen the messages. Thanks Mark
  3. Thanks Woody, on my watch list now, cheers Mark
  4. Thanks, that is freat information, I have emailed In Motion and waiting on a reply, but thanks for the info, I have a few options now, Kind regards Mark
  5. Thanks Woody, I will get it sorted with Dave at In Motion.
  6. That looks good, thanks, just one point, when you say 2 short guards, is that two piece affair for the rear, sorry to be thick. Once sorted, I will get them ordred.
  7. Thanks, he only lists generic types, which I may have to fit, I was looking for a copy of the orignal, thanks you very much for the advice.
  8. I need to replace my rear mudguard on my late model MAR, the one with the angles dampers, I am seeking an original or a suitable replacement without resrting to a typical mudguard. If there is any onfo on whom can supply or sell me one, please. Thanks Mark
  9. Thanks for the good idea, I shall make a spacer as you advise, Many thanks Mark
  10. Hi I need a LHS fork slider to get my Guanaco out on the sections, the Left Hand Side for bottom (slider) has cracked at the spindle clamp, anyone got a spare or fork leg or forks for sale please. Thanks Mark
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