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  1. oaktrials

    K-Scan for Ossa

    Been working with Konrad on my 2014 Ossa, in the process of building an interface cable, need to get K scan software please help. Any idea if K scan will run on Windows 10????? okapal@outlook.com
  2. Yes runs perfect after I get it to start that is why I don't think it is the fuel pump.
  3. just to clarify your suggestion, if I apply 12 volts via a battery of correct polarity to the diagnostic plug black - and red + wires I should hear the fuel pump run for a few seconds, does it do this short run until it reaches the 50 psig and then shut off. Guess a battery charger is too dirty of a DC output.
  4. I did have the connector off the ecu once, sent the controller back to Adrian to lower fuel trim, bike ran much better after that. I will end up taking a look at ecu connector just to be sure, but the bike runs great once it starts.
  5. I tried for months to get a computer setup from Adrian at Lewisport, should have tried other options to obtain that setup I guess. Will look into building a cable to verify fuel pump, may have to bug you again, thanks
  6. Been troubleshooting a no start condition on my 2014 Ossa 250, found a dead aaa battery in easy start box, found broken wires in easy start, after changing battery it started first kick for a couple of days, loaded up went to ride finally got it to start several kicks, ran great good power, next day would not start found that 10 volts out of easy start not getting to control module, found broken red and black wires, fixed breaks still not starting reliably, started using Konrads control writeup and wiring diagram is conduct more detailed testing, I see 9.5 volts on the red wire at rectifier when magnetic lanyard button released, stays for about 40 seconds. Kick bike during that time, does not even sound like it is firing. If I put some gas on a rag and insert in air intake it will start and run and idle perfectly. I have no computer access to control system. Based on study of Konrads document seems like I need to figure out a way to read TPS wiper voltage at idle, please help with other suggestions. Bummed out in Utah, I am going to buy a Beta with a carburetor.
  7. Hello Konrad and thanks for the writeup on the Ossa control system, I have a 2014 250 like you, never had a big problem starting until all of a sudden I did have a starting problem. I thought later models had only capacitor and no battery, with your writeup and pictures I started checking the easy box, internal aaa battery dead, not bad 5 years old. changed the battery started first kick for a few days and then more kicks to start, did some more detailed reading of your writeup and started monitoring the 10 volt dc signal initiated by the deadman switch. I noticed it was intermittent, found that the red and black wires exiting the starting module had broken all the strands only held together by the insulation. Soldered in some bypasses and a solid 10 volts, seems to be starting on 1 or 2 kicks now.
  8. Trialstribulations.net in the UK has a some Ossa parts in an online catalog, seems like they have a new shift shaft assembly in stock, you need to use paypal for payment, paypal handles exchange rate and take a few percent for their trouble. They might have some plastic too I know they have decals.
  9. I recently added a trail tech in coolant temperature sensor to my 2014 Ossa TRi 250, I am seeing coolant temperatures of 220 to 230 degrees F during extended climbs of 1000 to 2000 feet at 5000 ft elevation. Can any Ossa owners confirm the coolant temperatures they see during high load operation. New cooling fan, radiator clean, fan relay good, fan turns on at about 160 and off at 155. No lifting of radiator cap relief, idle speed drops about 200 rpm at elevated temperature. See coolant temperatures of about 150 to 170 during normal trials riding activity.
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