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  1. This is unit made in Australia has some neat ideas that may assist, ramp, locking arm etc https://www.mxstore.com.au/p/Ballards-Bike-Rack-Carrier/BA-BR01
  2. My dealer who sold me the bike said to use ‘pointed nose pliers to adjust the knob’! Had to be a better solution from Reiger which is what I found, hence my images.
  3. Peterh, thanks for the Aussie invention information, very similar to the Ace but uses wire cables and more suited to be used with the trials knobbies. Nebulous you mentioned loosening spokes, as a side comment I rechecked my brand new bike spokes with a spoke tension wrench after 2 hours riding, my skill is learner trials and so no jumping off large logs and rocks etc, but the results were all over the place, glad I did this check and retension ( similar results to my KTM EXCF 500 though). By keeping the spokes tight it could help prevent damage and distortion to the rim when clamping/transporting as a suggestion for others. All good feedback and ideas, appreciated.
  4. Intotrials, very good point which I considered but thought I would work through that issue when it arose, no extreme mud yet but the units look like they should wash down ok, point taken though, hmm. I do have a twin cylinder ARB air compressor in my 4 wd tow vehicle which would dispose of the gunky stuff extremly quickly before I put the bike in the trailer. Ninjabones Ace clamp would be fine with a muddy tyre by the looks of it.
  5. Ninjabones, I looked at the steady stand with the foot pedal clamp as they looked pretty good but wasn’t sure which way to go, you have convinced me they are impressive. That is a very nicely set up transportation rig you have there, you obviously are fastidious and have good attention to detail, everything has a place by the look of it, well done.
  6. Found a great product that helps secure a trials bike while bouncing around in a trailer to get to the ‘trials ground’. As we know the trials mudguard is very close to the tyre where my KTM EXCF 500 has a reversed shock mount I can use a spacer. Tried a few different ways, tie downs from the handlebars- front shockies triple clamp etc but the Tyrefix Ace Bikes system works a treat as it slides under the front mudguard, simple and easy. Latch seat belt system that connects to the buckle is smart. Fit one on the rear wheel as well and it doesn’t move. https://www.acebikes.com/en/transport-service/tyrefix-tie-down-system
  7. Being difficult to insure against theft, thinking a SPOT TRACE may be the go to help track my bike if it is stolen. Best thing is it sends a text or email message once movement is detected. Obviously can be moved from vehicle to vehicle as required. https://www.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=128 Yearly subscription but could be the ideal unit as previous posts mention their bikes were chained and bolted down.
  8. The purple clicker for the high speed compression setting on the Reiger rear suspension is awkward to get to. Lashed out and the genuine article, makes it a lot easier.
  9. New bike and wow how good is it ( ability of the bike is far higher than the operator!). Decided I wanted to monitor engine temperature and keep track of my engine hours, fussy. Trail Tech temp gauge left over from my KTM 500 exf with the radiator fin option (10mm) so considering the radiator fins are no where near this, used JB weld to glue the sender into position on the radiator header tank at coolant level. Several options for the temperature sender are available. Fan comes on at 61 degrees C, max temp the other day was 73 degrees C plodding around in ambient 25 degrees C, wonder what it goes up to on our 43 degrees C days we had 2 months ago. Good guide to see when the motor is warmed up and ready to get into it. Trail Tech are quality gauges and have built in batteries, neat as. https://www.trailtech.net/digital-gauges/tto/surface-mounts Mounted the Works Connection gauge to monitor the hours for oil changes and hours on a tank of fuel etc. Also does rpms etc. Trail Tech also have the hour meter as well. Wrapped the sensing wire around the spark plug lead. Surprising how time passes in : hours while having fun. Easy to see hours and temp at a quick glance where they are mounted, self adhesive tape.
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