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  1. You’re forgetting billy green who is 5th in British championship and Sam haslam has just gone to Honda (John lee)
  2. Maybe another route will bring in more guys? If there was a middle class could that be a step closer for the top trial 2 riders and then the now trial 2 class could bring in more young riders?
  3. Maybe if there was a stepping stone to the trial GP class we would have more riders in several years down the line? This won’t solve the problem over night but could it bring more riders on?
  4. I’m not saying it is the solution. I’ve just noticed that the step from trial 2 to Trial GP is massive. What can we do to bring spectators to the trials and also bring on more young riders. Not just a couple.
  5. Introduce anothe class for the top riders of trial 2 and then maybe the trial 2 route now will be open to more amateurs from that country.
  6. Thoughts on a route between the trial 2 and trial GP class? Is the step too big for the trial 2 riders to step up to the trial GP class. upon looking at the results last year a few trials on trial 2 were won on less that 20, should there be a route between the classes to bring on the better half of trial 2 and make the step upto trial GP smaller.
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