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  1. Hello......

    Hi twinshockandy, I'm not quite as old as you (41) but am returning to trials after almost 20 out (not 30) so welcome back....what do you think of the montesa? I got the 2005 4rt, bit different to the beta techno i had in 1999
  2. Spark plug cap

    So what you're saying is i might not have to pay my tv licence if I'm doing them a favour by not interfering with the reception 😉
  3. Spark plug cap

    Coronation street? Is that part of the cylinder head? 😉
  4. Spark plug cap

    Right, whats a resistor cap and whats it do mate?
  5. Spark plug cap

    Cheers chaps
  6. Spark plug cap

    So i can just buy a new cap and screw it straight on the ht lead?
  7. Spark plug cap

    Hi, after some advice please, had my 4rt out the last weekend and it wouldn't start, went to take the plug out and the ht lead came straight out of the cap, I managed to bear some of the rubber back and ram it in the cap then sellotape, yes sellotape, it in...I managed three hours solid riding without it missing a beat, now can I just get a new cap or do I need to get one with a ht lead connected to it since bearing the wires back slightly?
  8. Hi

    Evening people, newish to trials after nearly a twenty year break so after lots of advice and help 😉