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  1. Hi Charlie, a new response to an old post,...........did anything come of this project ?
  2. Hi Stu, Got my kit(s) from www.electrexworld.co.uk they offer you a choice of kits that inc lighting connectors or without. Quite speedy (before Covid19) service as well; No idea of ease of fitting, as I didn't do it .........but from what i was told be the guy who did, reasonable easy to do. All the best Andy
  3. Hopefully sorting out (replacing) leaking oil seal behind front sprocket on the TY.............if I can get sprocket nut undone ?
  4. Some interesting (and sobering) points raised here; As you so rightly say, those of us lucky enough to survive this virus, will still have our bikes and there will be trials to ride in, already there are those, maybe's some fellow riders, who will never get the chance to do so again. Lets ALL stay safe Andy
  5. Hmm....................not going to get drawn into a 'flame' war here, you are entitled to your views, of course....and the right to express them, I, along with others on the 'front line', be they NHS staff, (all) shop workers/food suppliers, council workers, in fact anyone who is not able to either work from home......or have an enforced period off work...in the most part with pay,........are still putting not just their own health, but that of family, on the line, may not be agreement with your views;
  6. I guess if you have your own practice area - where you don't have to leave your address,- to travel too, you might be ok,......obviously hoping you do not need the services of the NHS, if you don't, and would need to travel to practice, (assuming you could find a practice area open, and with guide lines already in place they shouldn't be).....the the message, is STAY WHERE YOU ARE. (Yes I work for the NHS, Yes I also have trial's bikes I would love to ride)
  7. Highland Classic now cancelled; In view of whats happening worldwide, right decision i feel. Stay Safe all.
  8. Ok furher to above topic, just replaced gear shaft oil seal due to oil passing it, checked and refilled oil to correct capacity and checked what I think is gearbox breather tube, which is clear............upon starting and allowing tick over, find I'm now getting oil running out from behind gearbox sprocket (gear shaft seal is oil tight) Any idea's,.........? Many thanks Andy
  9. No idea re parts for Miraneli; Its got Ty50 engine currently fitted. (and TBF it fitted and looks like it belongs there) Not interested in buying it and reliving your youth ? ? Andy
  10. Appreciate, that's the big stumbling block, John. All the best Andy
  11. Hi John, Room and time, I'm afraid are against me..............I only picked this one up as I was finding sourcing another 123 montesa engine for smallest Cota..........after trying spain, france and the states, one pops up in Hampshire................. Four trials bikes in the garage leaves no working room for anything else..........? Looking to move Italyam on............ All the best Andy
  12. This is just what I was planning to do with my italyam, (which is for sale in classifieds if anyones been given some ideas ?) Would have been going along the lines of a 100cc twostroke as I don't have the fabrication skills to safely alter is frame, even though I've got the 'perfect motor awaiting its time (a 90cc Honda with gearbox (not auto) All the best Andy
  13. Hi here, nice to see one's made it into preservation, it was generally agreed that whilst willing, the Puch gearing was certainly not trials friendly. for maybe's help in your quest, try Classic Motorcycle Forum which has assisted in the past with answers and advice; Look under the British bikes thread. All the best
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