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  1. Cheers for that,............I did actually think of google pic's search after posting thread. Was hoping to fit a slightly larger cc motor into frame (ty50 fitted at the mo) but it would involve a certain amount of altering.............so I'll offer it for sale (when I get some pic's done), if no takers maybe's I'll re-think.
  2. Which model is this ?, Certainly looks same, will try and get some pics today.
  3. That looks like an interesting beastie....................
  4. Have just picked up an italjet rolling chassis (with TY50 engine installed), can anyone id model (details taken from headstock) Italjet 25969 and underneath U6M 5U135 UM Read these through paint, so maybe's slightly different. Another odd feature is fuel tank is in two halves, so two fuel taps and two filler caps, Chassis is painted blue and tank(s) are green plastic. wheel rims are gold. machine was brought for a project...........but frame seems too good to alter, so anyone interested ? Andy
  5. It looks like it's a late model, (badge'd Montesa/Honda), MH123 so would hazard a guess at mid 80's Main difference over the earlier 123 cota is full sized wheels, exhaust system Another source worth trying for pars etc, In Motion and www.Vallmoto.com in spain. All the best Andy
  6. If you use good ol e bay, try cyclesavant who is a mine of info on Vintage montesa's (although is based in the states; ) Seems like a really nice guy, who has answered various questions I've asked him. Just had a look and he is listing a cota 123 kick start drive gear items. as well as transmission items Hope that helps Andy
  7. Cheers for that............don't have a frame to convert though;
  8. Thanks.........will google them.
  9. Are these frames still being produced ? I know 175 ones are, but 250 ones ?
  10. Hi Jordan, 123 monty has a perculiar 'selection' shaft which can cause issues, (end away from gear shift lever) = on mine it has been repaired. Maybe's worth an casing strip to investigate. Parts for this model are not the easiest to find.............mines now down due to finding cracked flywheel, and none of he usual parts folk are able to help. all the best Andy,
  11. Drips only came to light after draining and re-filling, so poss overfilled slightly, although pretty sure not done so. Good point re the breather, though.
  12. When running, I've oil dripping from gear change shaft, easy fix or engine split ? Ty250s
  13. Hi Nick, Horsham have a couple of trials clubs also. Will be getting out some more in 2020, very much a 'wobbler' and totally non competitive. Need to get my 'bike legs' back for Scotland in june. All the best Andy
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