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  1. I had an issue with my 2011 Ossa 280 and reassembly of the gearbox. Before you put the clutch plates and fingers in can you turn the drive sprocket by hand and click through all the gears? If you can do that then it sounds like you have assembled the plates / fingers incorrectly?
  2. Thanks for that Peter, my Bike is a 2011 and so it doesn't have the rod to hold the clutch basket in place. The good news is that I have managed to get it all back together and it works :-). Along the way I learnt a few things. My main problem was that I would install the gearbox with the 5 screws finger tight. Then I would test the gearbox by sliding the sprocket onto the end of the shaft turn it whilst clicking up through the gears. However I hadn't installed the collar between the sprocket and the casing. The secondary shaft would then move in and when I changed gear again everything would bind up. I would then take it all apart and try again. The problem was right before my eyes, but I just couldn't see it. After posting to the forum, having a coffee and talking the issue through with a friend then it became clear. So the moral of the story is never click up and down through the gears without installing the sprocket collar. Whilst on the bench I also noticed that the centering spring under the roller was slightly off and this had the effect of not allowing the rollers to return to the correct position between gears. A slight turn of the centering nut fixed that. When installing the clutch I had to put a piece of wood across the top of the clutch basket and tap that with a mallet until everything was seated. The vibration the bike had a week ago is also mysteriously gone. That worries me, but the bike is riding great again.
  3. Hi, I have been having problems with my gearbox on the ossa. It started a few weeks ago where I couldn't change up from 2nd to 3rd. The gearbox came out and the selector drum was worn where the rollers turn it. I replaced this and rode last weekend. I managed to get into all the gears, but it needed repeated attempts to change. Also I noticed that there was a vibration coming from the gearbox. I now have the gearbox out again and notice how much movement the drive shaft (sprocket) has. It will lean left and right and also the shaft itself will move up and down. I wonder if this is normal? What holds it at the bottom (opposite end to the sprocket)? Now comes my new problem. When I put the gearbox back into the bike and tighten the 5 screws then the whole gearbox locks up and nothing will turn. If I put it in loosely I can turn the sprocket by hand and click up through the gears. However when changing I notice the sprocket moving in and out of the casing and then everything locks up again. Any help will be gratefully received. Regards, David
  4. Ossa2011

    a smoky TR280i

    Hi, Last year I replaced the crank seals and this is the way the inner seal was originally fitted so I replaced it the same way. I haven't had any problems with smoke and loosing engine oil since. My bike is a 2011 280i (This image was before I pushed the seal fully in)
  5. Ossa2011

    Sticky kicker

    Hi Pindie, I recently had what sounds like the same problem. My kick start was always really stiff and then would stick down and not return. Starting was also a real pain. So I removed the clutch cover and I checked that everything looked ok. I then carefully reassembled following this handly guide: https://birkettmotosport.com/application/files/5315/1387/5659/Ossa-clutch-cover.pdf I think that my bike had previously been re-assembled with the spring or the kick start in the wrong position. Now my bike has been starting better and the kick start moves easier and it always returns. Hope that helps
  6. Hi, Do any one out there have the install files for the Kscan software, and if so could I please get a copy. thanks, David
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