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  1. We ride at some high elevations where it's very dry and can be quite hot. Trying to complete a loop (even a short one) poses a serious heat stroke risk. I'm in the runners' water bottle belt camp. Keeps the weight low and I barely notice it if I cinch it down pretty tightly. The tiny pouch comes in handy for random items. I use the cheapest "squeeze" style water bottle I can get my hands on and try to minimize the amount of rigid plastic.
  2. I don't understand any of it either, but it makes me focus even more on what he's doing with the bike and hand gestures. If I can glean this much from Mori-san, despite the language barrier, he is probably a pretty good instructor. He does have a few instructional videos with English overdubbing: I'm planning to ride tomorrow, I'll try to find a log in the trail somewhere to see how many times I can loop my bike.
  3. I hear ya, but I spend a lot of time 'stuck'!
  4. I came across this video and was wondering what this technique is. It looks like half of a double blip. Maybe a zap, but the more I read about the zap VS double blip, the more confused I am as to what the difference is. In this video, Mori-san pops the bike over a log by simultaneously revving the engine and letting go of the clutch. In some attempts there is a small bounce. He does the same thing over a rock. When going over the rock, the faster attempts look like a double blip to me. If you have the patience for videos you don't understand, this channel has some interesting content. Like a demonstration of riding an XT250 Serow up a rock taller than the bike is.
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