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  1. Ok Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated?
  2. Hi All, I have an old Kawasaki Kx with the same or close enough to the same carb in the picture, but mine doesnt have the black tubes. Are these just for the overflow on the float bowl or are they for something else? Thanks in advance, Aaron
  3. Hey, I know this is late XD but I have an old kawasaki kx 80 with a keihin carb that has given the same problem a couple times and each time the problem was the needle and seat. Dirt gets stuck in there and stops it from sealing when the floats push it up, just take apart and clean your carb and see if you can remove it and shoot some air through to get the dirt out. That is just what has worked for me in the past and I dont know if this is any use but hey.
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