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  1. hi everyone. I've just fitted a new back brake pipe on my 2012 gasgas txt pro. I've been bleeding the brake. you know. the usual undo, push, tighten, release method. after an hour or two of doin this the fluid stopped going down in the reservoir and no bubbles were coming out, and when i released the nipple, and pushed down on the Lever, fluid started to come out of the nipple and still no back brake is working. this is my first time bleeding brakes. any suggestions?
  2. Sonni

    smoking thermostat

    hi everyone, i recently purchased 2012 250 txt pro gasgas. within a few rides the bike is going downhill. when starting the bike it runs fine but there is a white smoke coming from the electrics/thermostat. the fan and lights are not kicking in at all but the bike is running fine. any suggestions? cheers
  3. hi everyone, ive recently purchased a 2012 gasgas txt pro. it has lights on front and back but they do not work..any suggestions to why they wont turn on?...they are wired in but will not turn on. cheers.
  4. Im recently purchasing a gasgas 300 txt pro 2005. The bikes piston has gone apparently along with the rings. Ive looked at videos of top end fixes on motocross bikes on youtube, but wanted to know if trials bikes are any different. And would i need someone to do it for me or would it be easier to do it myself?
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