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  1. Ciao Sam , grazie per il benvenuto. I'm from brindisi, Puglia
  2. ? Done..... thank's a lot ?
  3. forgot to tell you .... sachs schock from a gas gas txt 280 2001
  4. one more question... my shock it's not licking and works well. Only the bumper disapppear. Destroyed by the years Do you think it's possible to take apart the feet of the shock without depressurizing it, just to replace the bumper? obrigado
  5. Hallo everybody , gas gas txt 280 from Italy happy to join this interesting site full of trial biker from all around
  6. Ciao cascao, thank's for sharing your knowledge with your nice video. I' m gonna service the Sachs shock of my gg txt 280 2000 and I would like to know how many cm the air/gas piston separator should enter in the schock absorber body. i can't see the measurement you made on your video. Cheers from Italy . Thanks
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