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  1. Hi Johnny, can you help me for cable color & position oN the attached picture.. In the circle mark?
  2. Can you sent me rectifier socket picture for cable color connection?
  3. Hi Jonny, yes, i like tO remove the smart battery..? can you guide me tO put back 4RT standart? I need help tO put back the wire from rectifier tO the system.. bcs oN the manual book diagram only mention 5 cable.. and i don’t know witch pin need tO be used..
  4. Hi Jonny, sorry tO make you confuse.. back oN basic.. this Montesa had some modification oN the electrical system.. now.. i like tO put back my Montesa tO original set up like you have.. i don’t know witch cable tO connect tO rectifier.. from there i Will start.. please sent me rectifier conection picture
  5. AHi Jonny & Jonny, As i know 4RT’s used a battrey... the idea of previouse owner installed this battrey tO make fuel pump run and inject some fuel In tO fire camber.. so once hE give some kick the engine able tO run.. seam silly for Montesa got this rather than tO fine real issue.. oN the regulator rectifier socket the cable has been change... i’m lost oN this point as well 3 yellow cable still conected as it is but other 3 wire has been change.. do you have some picture tO give more over Clear oN the reg.rectifier connection?
  6. Hello all, i diaz from Indonesia. I have problem with my 2nd hand Montesa just i bought.. this Montesa come with Accu connected tO rectiffierregulator pin ignition for positive and extra ground cable as negative from accu.. i try tO disconnet the battrey but i don’t know the original cable conection for rectifier regulator. Would it be possible tO get some help from this form?
  7. Hi Carl, the problem was throtol body was tO Far open oN max position so ECU was recieved eror position. Now my bike back tO normal again.
  8. Diaz


    Hi jimmyl, i did like your sugestion and now my Montesa back tO normal again.. thanks’ for you support.. and Thanks Also tO jonnic21..
  9. Diaz


    Hi jonnyc21, I found 1 screw only tO stop prevents from going past the 0% and i couldn’t find any screw tO stop prevents it from going past the 100%.
  10. Diaz


    Hi jonnyc21, your are right.. this is the problem.. do you know How tO properly fix this problem? Did any potensio or some thing inside ECU can be adjust? thank for your help
  11. Diaz


    Hi jimmyl, i just Tested If i gently brought up The revs very the engine rpm not stady oN max throtol.
  12. Diaz


    Hi jimmyl, thanks for your quick respons. The bike was running fine on cold and hot condition from 0 tO 80% throtol but to go from 80%-100% has some drop for 3 secounds and engine when up tO the max. I did clean fuel filter, change spark plug, clean throtol body, clean injection & put extra capasitor but doesn’t change.
  13. Diaz


    Hi jimmyl i done like what you say but only succes if i connect 12v battery oN my Montesa do you have any idea what i need tO looking for this problem?
  14. Diaz


    Hi jimmyl i done like what you say but only succes if i connect 12v battery oN my Montesa do you have any idea what i need tO looking for this problem?
  15. Hello.. i have this problem.. the ECU Reset only work if i connect 12v battery.. do you have any idea? I put extra capasito 10.000fart 50v Also doesn’t work only work if i put battery..
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