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  1. I agree as ive always checked for a spark the same way, dont get me wrong though my uncle has a gasgas txt which is pretty much the exact same. He replaced the kill switch then tested the spark but couldnt get any , put the old killswitch on still no spark. Put plug in kick the bike and it will fire first time.
  2. No worries be interested to see the cause if you do find it I know too well how frustrating these things can be. Ive just put a techno gearbox in mine and had to shim the clutch to stop slipping but got it sorted and now have a mostly sound bike for just over £500 after doing the shock bearing etc. Keep us updated on how you get on and if needed i can do tests etc to compare.
  3. Hi , i can take some photos of my wiring if that helps , ive just had to resolder some of mine aswell. My bike is an 04 rev3 250 that i got on gumtree as a basket case , im sure it never had the brown wire either , the red wire on mine goes to the coil aswell. I noticed you said you tried refitting the kill switch but did you try for a spark with it unplugged ? I actually found your thread via gumtree , its a nice bike with some nice upgrades , seems a shame to sell out of frustration.
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