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  1. Thanks for all your answers. I checked it also with the Cover on of course Also everything is assembled correctly according to the manual I also found the problem: the gear in which the kickstarter gear engages was damaged on the inner side. So each time it should get back to the neutral position it hook in there and got stuck. Now i simply smoothed the edges of the gear and now it works fine Thanks again for all the input and have a nice sunday,!
  2. Heres the link to the Video https://youtube.com/shorts/RV3G9I3Qigw?feature=share
  3. hello together, i´ve got a slight problem with my winter project, a txt 250 2003 (so already the newer engine). i´ve assembled everything and once i push the kickstarter all the way it locks when it should return back in it´s neutral position. when i take out the clutch basket and push the kickstarter it works just fine. in the video you can see how the two gears get stuck with eachother. i already disassambled the the kickstarting mechanism and checked everything and it looks just fine. does anyone know what could cause this problem? thanks a lot! Daniel
  4. tried it also with a vaccuum pump, didn´t work either, no fluid came down to the Bottom bleed screw. you Name it, but by now i sure as hell have suffered enough for my taste
  5. the Clutch worked fine until i´ve decided to Change the fluid i have also tried bleeding by dismounting the Lever and only using the pin to push in and out, with the same results….
  6. hello together, somehow i lost my old accounts data, so i had to make a new one (time goes by haha) i´ve got a slight Problem with bleeding the Clutch of my 300 2010 evo factory. i just don´t get it bleeded. whenever i want to press the fluid out Nothing arrives at the Bottom (all screws/stops are "lose"). even if i try to pump new fluid through from the Bottom to the top with a pump i don´t have a Transit.. so the usual procedure as used on Brakes can´t be applied. are there any tricks to get it going? thanks a lot. Dani
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