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  1. The previous owner of my techno has stripped the Allen bolt on the sump plug for the gearbox... Does anyone know the thread size? I don't fancy taking it out without a new one to put back in and Nobody in Germany stocks specific beta oil plugs... Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks again for the tip Chris, all sorted now! Cheers!
  3. Thanks Chris, I never thought of checking in French. I think I'll order from these guys!
  4. Hi, I recently purchased a 98 techno with a few broken spokes on the rear wheel... No problem I thought as spokes are not normally an expensive fix... It turns out that for the Akront 18" 2.15 fitted to the techno you're looking at around £7 per spoke plus (for me living in Germany) £14 postage as trials and tribulations seem to be the only people who stock them. So with 10 broken spokes £90 is starting to seem a bit steep... Especially since you can pick up a used rev3 wheel for half that... I know the 99 techno had the same rear as the rev3 but will it fit a 98? Is it worth converting or is there a less expensive fix? Your help is much appreciated!
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