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    My expierence is: The throttle body 16400-NN4-L72 of the 300RR '16 (4ED) is programmable. It has a single map. I replaced the original TB of my 4Ride with the 16400-NN4-L72 to get a better performance (huge difference!). For programming and map change I use the software 38771-NN4-H00 with unit 38880-NN4-H00 and a small 12V battery. A simple netbook with win7 works with the software. Have a look at the correct interface (COM1 etc.)! The ominous "tuning kit" in some press releases is in my opinion only a pdf and it has no Honda item number. It is a list also called "full power kit" with several parts and a description you need to change the bike from 2ED to 4ED. In this list you can find (e.g. 2016) the 4ED TB 16400-NN4-L72 which is programmable. So I suppose all 4ED TB's of the 300RR are also programmable. But I know that all other current TB's of 4Ride, 4RT, 4RT Repsol or 300RR are not programmable.
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