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  1. I’m enjoying the 125, the riding position is still somewhat new to me, after about 45 minutes I’m missing the seat, but overall it truly a fun little bike. It’s got all the snap I could ask for. I don’t have a convenient trials club or grounds but have been riding the trails that I normally ride on my xt250 and it’s been a hoot so far.
  2. I’m new in the world of trials but I’ve been a trail rider for a long time and I’m not much of a logo guy. My favorite type of pants are bird hunting type brush pants with brier protection on the front and sewn in buttons in the waist for three point suspenders to keep them in place, (and regular pockets are nice) 40-50 dollars. The legs are just right to wear my alpinestars sx- 1 knee guards under with just the right amount of room to be comfortable with the guards and trials boots under. ( I’ve pretty much retired my moto boots since I found the trials boots, so much easier to walk in) And for my jerseys WalMart sells polypro tee shirts in their athletic department both short and long sleeves in a variety of colors for under 15 dollars. I wear a short sleeve under for moisture wicking and the suspenders and a long sleeve over for sun protection and the elbow guards. Subdued and very functional piece of kit for an old man. I’ll leave the flash to the young bucks. But then, to each their own.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement. That’s the truth, I attended a trial competition and met a seventy two and a seventy eight year old both riding in the intermediate class and they got clean runs in many of their sections. Seeing that is what convinced me that I wasn’t too late to get started. I just got back from an hour ride and I’m delighted.
  4. Hello all, I hope I’m doing this right, if not please forgive me. I’m a 64 year old guy with my first trials bike and my first try at a forum. A short while ago I took my Yamaha XT250 to Tennessee to ride some trails and stumbled onto the Trials Training Center and long story short I now own a demo ‘17 GasGas TXT 125 School. Flywheel weight and front sprocket down one tooth, what a hoot! I’ve been riding motorized two wheelers since I was eleven and I knew what trials riding was but never was exposed to it until now, what a shame. I’ve got a lot of ground to make up. One day at a time?
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